What to Do if You’re Injured by an Amazon Delivery Driver in California

Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world with a fleet of drivers working all hours of the day. When one of their drivers causes an accident, you will need representation to successfully advocate for you. If you have been injured in an accident caused by an Amazon delivery driver, contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Amazon Delivery Driver Accidents

With the current pandemic situation, more and more people are staying home throughout the day. They continue to need products for their families though, so more online purchases are being made than anytime before. Many California roadways still remain congested, and delivery drivers now consist of a significant segment of the road population. Amazon delivery drivers might be at the top of that industry.

How Fast Do You Want It?

Amazon offers a variety of delivery services. There’s the Amazon Prime service that delivers products anywhere in California within two days. Then, there’s Amazon Fresh for grocery deliveries to your door. There’s also Amazon Prime Now that offers delivery within two hours. It’s not at all unusual for some Amazon drivers to make more than 200 deliveries in a day. Exceeding speed limits, distracted driving and fatigued driving are all common issues with Amazon drivers. They’re under constant pressure to meet delivery deadlines. Accidents are inevitable. Some of them will be serious or even fatal.

Amazon Drivers as Independent Contractors

Most Amazon drivers aren’t employees of the company. They’re either employees of separate companies that they drive for, or they’re independent contractors for Amazon pursuant to a written agreement. All of them are classified by Amazon as Amazon Delivery Partners. In either case, Amazon does whatever it can do to deflect liability for accidents from itself and onto those entities. Whether or not Amazon might be held liable for a delivery accident is a complex legal issue. A knowledgeable and experienced California Amazon accident lawyer from our offices can make an appropriate evaluation based on the facts of your case.

How to Protect Your Rights

After being injured in a traffic crash that was the fault of an Amazon driver, there are certain steps that you can take to protect your rights and best interests.  Those follow:

  • First and foremost, call 911 and ask that police and paramedics be summoned to the scene. You’ll need a police report of the accident, and paramedics can assist you at the scene and take you to a local emergency room to be evaluated and treated. These are two critical first steps.
  • As soon as you leave the emergency room, notify your insurance company of your accident. Your premiums won’t go up if the crash wasn’t your fault. If the driver was carrying a package for delivery, coverage is likely at a minimum of $1 million, but you should still notify your insurer.
  • Your emergency room discharge instructions are likely to refer you to another doctor. Arrange to see that doctor as soon as possible. Follow all of his or her recommendations. If therapy or a visit with an orthopedist or neurologist is recommended, promptly follow up on that too. Always attend all of your medical appointments.
  • Expect representatives of one or more insurance companies to contact you. Each one will want a recorded statement from you. No matter what an opposing insurer tells you, never give an opposing insurer any type of a statement without an attorney being present on your behalf. Persist in your refusal to give any type of a statement. Call us instead and ask for a free consultation and case evaluation with a California Amazon accident attorney from our offices.

Amazon drivers have caused considerable pain, permanent disfigurement, disability, and grief to motorists, passengers, bicyclists, and pedestrians.  When you contact us for that consultation, we’re going to listen to you carefully. You can tell us how your crash affected you and your family physically, financially, and emotionally. Don’t worry about being pushed around and intimidated by Amazon. We’ll stand up against that company for you.