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Uber Horror Stories

For those of us who have hit up a rideshare app to get a lift, we probably all have a happy story or two about …

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Worst Uber Accidents in History

Trusting an Uber driver to take us to work, school, or maybe the grocery store seems like a simple transaction. You pay a small fee …

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The Celebrities of Uber: You Never Know Who You Might See Next

Drivers for Uber may not have a clue who they’re picking up and riders usually don’t know a lot about the driver who pulls up. …

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Who is Liable for Injuries Suffered in an Accident with a Pink Dot Robot?

The Pink Dot grocery store at Sunset Boulevard and La Cienega in Hollywood rolled out three delivery robots in December 2020, and they’re a source …

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How Do California Dashers Report Injuries to DoorDash?

DoorDash now has occupational accident insurance coverage at no cost to its Dasher drivers. They might be eligible to make a claim under this insurance …

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Are California Dashers Covered by DoorDash Auto Insurance?

DoorDash doesn’t provide primary liability insurance coverage for its drivers. If you’re going to drive and deliver food for DoorDash, you’re going to need your …

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What is Usage-Based Insurance and is It Here to Stay?

Earlier this year, almost every car insurance provider rolled out some kind of discount to help those affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. As we enter …

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Reporting Bad Uber Drivers in California

A positive rideshare experience can almost turn an entire day around. A friendly Uber driver picks you up in a clean car, drops you where …

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Uber and Lyft COVID-19 Cleaning Policies

Can You Rideshare Without “Sharing” Germs?   COVID-19 certainly hit the “brakes” on the rideshare revolution. Although the pandemic’s impact can’t be overstated, that doesn’t …

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How to Report an Unsafe Uber Driver in San Francisco

Uber got its start right here in San Francisco and the rideshare company has gone on to be a nationwide success. It’s also an easy …

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Lyft Bike

Using Lyft Bikes in Santa Monica

The options for getting a Lyft in Santa Monica has hit a new gear. Lyft’s rideshare cars and scooters will now be sharing city streets …

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FedEx Delivery Truck Accidents in Bike Lanes in San Francisco

In the Bay Area, bike ridership is increasing annually in part because of efforts by the major cities—San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland—and because of …

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Accidents Involving Distracted Big Rig Drivers in Merced County California

California’s Big Rig drivers are held to very high standards due to the very heavy vehicles they’re driving on our roads. However, truck drivers are …

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Electric Scooter Rider Hit by Cement Truck in San Francisco

In January 2020, a woman riding an e-scooter at Bay Street and the Embarcadero was hit by a cement truck. According to hoodline, she was …

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