California Spin Scooter Accident Lawyer

Rideshare Law Office wins support for California victims hurt in accidents involving Spin’s rideshare e-scooters. Victims hurt after a scooter malfunction or struck by a careless driver should receive everything they require to heal and rebuild their lives. Please contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation for all California injury victims. It’s a no-risk way to find out what your injury should be worth and how to hold a rideshare company responsible.

Should I Call a Lawyer After an Accident on a Spin E-Scooter?

If your injuries are very minor, you may not need a lawyer’s help. But when your injuries are more serious, like a broken ankle or head trauma, you should go over your accident with a skilled lawyer. When medical bills run high, car insurance companies and corporate lawyers for Spin try to shift blame to the victim or reduce what their company has to pay in compensation.

A California scooter accident lawyer fully investigates your accident and collects the evidence necessary to keep a scooter company or a reckless driver from escaping responsibility. Witness testimony and accident reconstruction data will be used to force a rideshare business to provide the maximum in compensation available.

Hazards of Riding California Spin E-Scooters

Spin is an e-scooter-sharing and e-bike-sharing company that got its start in San Francisco. People across California can hop on empty Spin scooters, log in to their app, and take off. Spin has partnered with Bird Scooters to offer rides across L.A. and San Francisco. Spin Scooters are also found on several campuses like UC Berkley and UC San Diego.

E-scooter is short for electric scooter. An electric scooter is powered by an electric motor. According to California’s vehicle code 21235. These scooters can’t exceed 15mph and they should generally stay on roads with speed limits of 25mph or less. Riders are usually expected to ride on bike lanes if they exist, otherwise they are allowed to use regular traffic lanes like a cyclist. They usually aren’t allowed on sidewalks, but individual cities can make their own rules.

Riders must have a driver’s license and be at least 18 years old. Those with driver’s licenses will find that highway experience is handy when riding alongside large trucks and SUVs. But many people aren’t ready for the added responsibility of balance and remembering to brake with your hands.

Adding to the danger is the fact that e-scooters have had issues with faulty tires and brakes that don’t always work. Unfortunately, crazy California drivers are the other problem. Drivers can run down scooter riders without knowing that those on scooters have just as much right to the lane as motorists and cyclists.

The injuries are often devastating for riders as they can suffer a collision with a car, the road surface, and then even other vehicles. A California Spin Accident Lawyer would ensure that the support a victim received covered current bills and any potential medical care expenses in the months and years ahead.

Can I Sue Spin If I’m Hurt on an E-Scooter?

Some serious accidents are caused by Spin’s negligence. Just like any business, they must observe California laws that require them to show a “duty of care” to all customers. When they take action that causes accidents or fails to take action to prevent accidents, Spin is liable for all injury damages.

Of course, in some cases, it’s the move of a careless driver that’s completely to blame for an accident.

  • Careless Driver — If you are struck by a careless driver on a California street, you’ll need to file an accident claim against the motorist’s auto insurance provider. Drivers are expected to slow down when sharing the road with a scooter rider and be ready to stop to avoid a collision. This is true no matter where they encounter a rider. Even if scooter riders are in an illegal zone when they are struck, the driver may still be responsible for at least a part of your recovery costs.
  • Spin — If a scooter malfunction or part breakdown caused your crash, Spin could be held accountable. A tire malfunction or a brake line issue would be 100% the rideshare’s responsibility. The micromobility corporation has liability insurance to help, but victims often have to force the company to take responsibility for all recovery bills. A major corporation like this won’t usually accept liability without a fight. Your lawyer will be gathering the evidence needed to leave them no choice. Your lawyer can investigate manufacturing practices and maintenance issues that contributed to your collision.

If Spin or an auto insurer refused to accept blame and provide full support, your Rideshare Law Office personal injury lawyer would be ready to file a lawsuit and take a rideshare or insurer to court.

Can I Sue an E-Scooter Sharing Company If I Signed a Waiver?

Remember, just because you signed a waiver of liability, it doesn’t mean Spin gets to ignore all accident claims. You will sign a waiver or check a box when signing up on the Spin account. But a waiver only protects Spin from the expected, normal risks of riding a motorized scooter and being out in traffic.

Yet, a malfunction, a maintenance issue, or a battery problem that caused a crash would usually not be covered in a waiver of liability. Spin would still be responsible for an accident involving their negligence or a manufacturer’s flaw.

Your Rideshare Law Office lawyer would investigate these factors and make sure Spin couldn’t hide behind a waiver of liability.

How Much Will I Get in a Scooter Injury Claim?

It’s hard to determine what you might receive in a settlement check until an experienced lawyer has heard from you and has time to investigate what happened. The seriousness of your injury and the time it takes you to heal will play a large part in how much your lawyer will demand on your behalf.

A serious injury can require weeks and months of support for emergency room visits, hospital rooms, surgeries, and physical therapy. If a permanent physical disability is suffered, you might require a lifetime of support to cover homecare, medical equipment, and future surgeries.

Your lawyer would demand every benefit available to assist you in a physical, emotional, and financial recovery. Your attorney would demand support for some things you may not have known could earn additional compensation on a scooter accident settlement check:

  •  Medical expenses. Money for any surgeries or rehab expected in the future.
  • Costs associated with a permanent disability such as home renovation and training for a new career.
  • Reimbursement for travel costs for doctor visits and appointments with out-of-city specialists.
  • Support for the pain you endure.
  • Emotional trauma. Loss of enjoyment of life. Depression and anxiety caused by such a frightening accident and difficult recovery. PTSD symptoms that have victims reliving the moment of impact.
  • Wages from missed work hours. Any lost wages expected in the future.
  • Damage or destruction of property.
  • Wrongful death claim. A lawyer can represent families who lose a loved one in a scooter accident. The lawyer would seek money to help families pay for funeral costs and to cover remaining emergency response fees and medical bills. Families must also receive support for the future when they’ll be without the income help the victim can no longer provide.

Contact a California Spin Scooter Accident Attorney

Victims have up to two years to file injury claims, but you shouldn’t delay. You’ll want to alert your lawyer as soon as possible so your lawyer can collect the most recent evidence before it disappears. Acting quickly can also mean you are ready to file faster and in line to receive the support you need sooner.

If you or a loved one sustained a serious injury in a crash while on a Spin scooter, contact us today for a free, confidential consultation and case evaluation. After you tell us what happened, we will go over all of your legal options.

You don’t need to worry about how you’ll afford strong legal representation. Rideshare Law Office works on a contingency basis. We don’t get paid unless you win your case. Then our fee comes out of the settlement Spin Scooter must pay.