What to Do if You’re Injured by a Caviar Driver in California

Caviar is one of the lesser-known food delivery companies. When their drivers are distracted and cause an accident, the claims process is different from other companies like Uber and Lyft. Contact us today to discuss your options for filing a claim against Caviar.

Driver Insurance

Caviar is one of the few food delivery companies that provides accidental injury insurance coverage to drivers. All of its drivers are covered, so long as they’re in the process of picking up or making a delivery when they’re injured in an accident. At the time of its acquisition by Door Dash, Caviar didn’t provide any auto liability insurance coverage for its drivers. They drove on their own personal liability insurance, and California only requires $15,000 of bodily injury insurance, $30,000 per occurrence and $5,000 of property damage coverage. On the other hand, Door Dash carries $1 million of excess liability insurance over and above any driver’s personal insurance.

The Risk of Using a Personal Car for Commercial Purposes

Food delivery drivers are motivated by providing fast service, During peak hours, the faster that drivers can deliver, the more money they can make. That motivation operates to encourage risky driver behavior. After a crash, if an insurer learns that its insured person is driving a personal car for a commercial purpose, it can raise a policy defense and deny coverage, leaving the driver uninsured. Any victim of that driver’s negligence would likely be required to file an uninsured motorist claim with their own insurer, If that victim didn’t have uninsured motorist coverage, he or she might have some serious problems obtaining compensation for their injuries.

What to do if You’re Injured in an Accident Caused by a Caviar Driver

 As soon as you’ve been injured in an accident with a Caviar driver, you must act quickly to protect both your rights. You’ll protect them by calling 911 and asking that both police and paramedics be dispatched to the scene. Police can obtain the information that they need to complete a written accident report, and paramedics can assist you at the scene and take you to a nearby emergency room where you can be examined and treated. Critical to your personal injury claim will be copies of the police report, the paramedics’ report and your emergency room report.

Follow Emergency Room Instructions

Upon your discharge from the emergency room, you’re likely to be given instructions about additional medical care. Follow all instructions from your health care providers. At some point in time, the Caviar driver’s insurers will be obtaining copies of your medical records. Missed appointments will lead to attacks on your credibility and allegations that you weren’t hurt as seriously as you claim.

The Insurance Companies

At your earliest opportunity, contact your car insurance company and let it know that you were in an accident. This is extremely important in case you need to make an uninsured or underinsured motorist claim in the future. It’s likely that an opposing insurer will want a recorded statement from you. You’re not required to give a statement to an opposing insurance company without an attorney being present on your behalf. No matter what that opposing insurer’s representative says, politely refuse to give a statement. If you give it, you can expect your own words to be used against you in the future in yet another attack on your credibility.

Rather than helping an opposing insurance company prepare its defense against you, contact us right away for a free consultation and case review with our California delivery accident attorney. Your questions will be answered, and you’ll be fully advised on all of your rights and legal options. Don’t give the opposing insurer an opportunity to control your case. Let us control it for you and maximize the compensation that you deserve.