Uber Accident Lawyer in Lodi

Lodi is a place that rises with the sun but doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. The wine industry and other ag jobs like the work at the Pacific Coast Producers have caused the city to be known for hard work and world-renowned fruits and vegetables. People are on their way in and out and around Lodi at all hours and their journey can often require a quick callout for an Uber ride. That app can signal a reliable, economical driver to get you anywhere you need to be.

The fly in the ointment is that all those rideshare vehicles leave an impact on local traffic. They only add to the congestion of cars, SUVs, and delivery truck traffic. A busy Uber driver can put others at more risk of accidents as they get more and more distracted by their jobs. A glance at a phone can cause them to miss a stop sign and suddenly that Uber car has spun your vehicle around in a collision.

Support for Uber Accident Victims in Lodi

You may be driving your SUV along Kettleman Lane or up Highway 99 when you are suddenly in a frightening accident. You might be the passenger in the Uber vehicle when the collision happens. You might also be on a bike or on foot when you’re hit by a Uber driver. These situations are more common than you think because of the sheer number of rideshare drivers on the roads at any one moment and the inattention that they can show to the roads.

If you are in a serious accident caused by an Uber driver contact a Lodi Rideshare Accident Lawyer for a free evaluation of your case. You may require a lot more in compensation to heal from your injury and get back on your feet again financially than you realize. These are things that Uber insurance agents and lawyers won’t tell you. Make sure you have a legal expert on your case experienced in getting large corporations to take responsibility for their employees’ mistakes.

Uber Driver Distraction in Lodi Accidents

Uber drivers do a lot more than just drive on their shifts. In fact, they wouldn’t have anywhere to go if it weren’t for the notifications from their Uber Cell Phone app. They get ride requests there and must also peruse each request to see if it’s a job they can handle and locate.

It’s illegal to look at a cellphone or pick one up while driving in California, but that doesn’t stop rideshare drivers who have constant interaction with their phones.

Uber workers can also be in quite a rush to reach a customer or to drop them off on time. This pressure can lead to speeding and other reckless choices.

San Joaquin County authorities deal with the frightening consequences of speeding every year. They report that in 2019 the county saw 2,719 collisions attributed to unsafe speeds. Those accidents claimed 29 lives and left another 3,709 people injured. A speedy Uber trip is never worth anyone getting hurt or someone losing their life over.

Uber Insurance Coverage in Lodi Accidents

No matter if you are hit by an Uber driver or if you are injured in an accident while on an Uber ride you’ll have three basic paths to compensation. A claim against the Uber driver’s personal policy. A claim against Uber’s insurance coverage, or filing a claim against your own uninsured/underinsured motorists coverage.

Uber first makes you take your case to their driver’s insurance. This usually ends in failure because many national insurance companies refuse to cover their drivers while they are working for Uber.

You can then call upon Uber for help with your injuries. They will have experienced insurance agents and lawyers working to weaken your claim and pin the accident on you if you let them. If you are successful in your claim, Uber carries up to a million dollars in coverage, but it’s only available if their drivers are logged into the Uber App when the accident occurs.

As you can see, there are outcomes where you could receive no money to help you with your medical bills and your lost time at work. You might have to file a claim with your own car insurance policy, but there is another alternative if you have an experienced lawyer working for you.

A lawyer can call into question Uber’s denial of your claim. They make a ton of money off their drivers, so why shouldn’t they have to help victims when their drivers’ mistakes cause injuries.

Your lawyer can bring up certain factors that might convince Uber that they can’t hide from responsibility in your case:

  • Uber Hiring Practices – Did Uber hire a safe driver? A check of his or her driving record can find issues in the past that should have kept Uber from hiring them. What about the driver’s record with Uber? Has the driver had issues before and have they been reprimanded?
  • Safety Programs – Does a national company like Uber use its earnings to make sure new drivers are educated and veteran drivers are reminded of safe practices? Does Uber ask drivers to perform unsafe actions?
  • Employee Health and Wellbeing– Uber company policy forces drivers to take a 6-hour break after up to 12 hours of driving. Is this rule strictly enforced? Is a driver just logging on with another rideshare app and continuing work?

All of these questions can force Uber to change its position on helping you. There might be other factors that your attorney can investigate to help get Uber to pay you what’s fair.

Contact a Lodi Uber Accident Lawyer

In California, accident victims have a two-year window to file a claim over their injury. It’s important to file as soon as you can though, especially with an accident involving Uber. A giant company can drag its heels on responding to claims, so the faster you file, the sooner you can hope to get the compensation you need to get your life back to normal.

Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation and case evaluation. Whether you were hit by an Uber driver, injured as an Uber passenger, or hurt while working for Uber, call us today. We can help you get back on your feet and put this accident behind you.