Uber Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

When you live in Los Angeles there’s rarely a day when the next place you need to be is next door or down the street. Your job, your meeting, your next class can be miles away in West L.A. or across the Valley. But no matter your destination you can trust that Uber drivers are always waiting with an open door.

That pick up anywhere, drop-off anywhere promise is great for riders, but after a few hours behind the wheel yourself, you may look from lane to lane and realize how much traffic rideshare cars are adding to the road. They can be piloted by some very distracted Uber drivers who may be trying to find a tiny street in Ramona Gardens or a hidden shortcut across Echo Park.

That distraction can put their passengers and anyone else on the streets and in crosswalks in danger. Glancing down at a rideshare app, an Uber employee can sail through a red light or stop sign and cause a devastating collision that can leave you with severe injury. If you are hurt as a passenger, another driver, or as an Uber driver, you should talk to a Los Angeles attorney specializing in rideshare and delivery driver accidents. Contact us and we’ll help you determine your best options for getting help with your recovery.

Distracted Uber Drivers In Los Angeles

Uber drivers everywhere can work long hours on the road while dealing with plenty of distractions from their cell phones. That’s especially true in Los Angeles where very few people are familiar with every local street and busy freeway. The task of driving the city is even more difficult while dealing with traffic levels that would melt any brain.

You can see the danger of dealing with all of these distractions while also trying to keep an Uber Vehicle in the proper lane. These are just a few more of the issues Uber drivers face each day:

  • Uber App Distractions – Every time someone in need of a ride hits up the Uber App a nearby driver can get a notification. The driver then has a few seconds to decide to accept the request. If not, the job is given to another driver. You can imagine how much pressure that would put on drivers as they must look at their screen, make a determination, and physically engage with the phone. All the while, their Uber vehicle can still be in motion and heading straight for your vehicle’s rear end.
  • In Search Of… — Los Angeles streets and freeways can take years to get familiar with. For new drivers, even a trip to the grocery store can be a harrowing experience. Finding every address across the city and county can also be a nightmare. Even with mapping assistance, Los Angeles traffic doesn’t make the hunt for new locations easy.
  • Reckless Driving – Los Angeles is a city in constant rush mode. Cranky passengers or traffic jams can tempt an Uber driver to speed or make some questionable moves trying to get into a needed lane. A reckless driver who is also distracted can be extremely dangerous. These types of motorists cause accidents all week long.
  • Cruising – Uber drivers can traveling the streets before they get a ride request. This means they are taking up traffic space in hopes of being nearer to potential passengers when they ask for a lift. This wait for customers can lull a driver into a period of inattention.
  • Drowsy Driving or Daydreaming – We can all get a bad night’s sleep but Uber Drivers can be at the wheel of a two-ton vehicle as they tough out a low-energy workday. They can be lulled into a state where they start nodding off. Drivers without stimulation from the app can start to daydream or even be distracted by a personal issue or an argument earlier in the day. All of these distractions can lead to a collision that hurts a passenger or anyone else on the street in a car or on foot.

Compensation in an Uber Accident in Los Angeles

Uber does offer insurance to victims if the accident happens under certain circumstances, but they can also hide behind their employees after a crash.

You’ll first have to apply for compensation from the Uber driver’s personal auto insurance policy. This usually leads to a dead-end because insurance companies often refuse coverage when their clients are driving for Uber when a collision occurs. If that happens, Uber does provide up to a one million dollar policy for drivers and their victims if the accident happened while the driver was on the way to pick up a rider or, in fact, had a passenger in the car.

These cases can be tricky because you can get tossed around by different insurance companies all while you are dealing with a painful recovery and the high cost of hospital bills. You can even end up having to call upon the uninsured motorist coverage on your own insurance policy to get help with your financial hardships. An attorney can sit down with you and determine your best course, and figure out the most effective way to force Uber to take responsibility for their employee’s mistake.

Contact an Uber Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

After getting injured in an accident involving Uber, California allows you up to two years to file a claim for damages. It’s best to get this civil claim filed as soon as you’re ready. The sooner you get your case in front of an Uber insurance representative the sooner you can hope to recover compensation for your current medical care and any hardships you may face in the future. Your attorney can help you put a strong case together and determine when your claim is ready to file.

If you or a loved one sustained a serious injury after an accident involving an Uber vehicle contact us for a free and confidential consultation.