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The effort to get to work or school on time can be a real struggle around busy Modesto. If you don’t have a car of your own, a tap on the Uber app may be your lifeline.  Uber drivers stand ready for a pick-up 24 hours a day. They can get you across town on time for work or even a lunch date on McHenry Avenue.

There’s another perspective on all those Uber trips though, especially if you’re doing your own driving. You might be in a traffic jam and look around to wonder, just how many of these other vehicles are rideshare taxis. In fact, each Uber request only adds to local congestion, and each distracted driver working behind the wheel can increase the risk of you being in a serious accident.

Distracted Driving Accidents for Uber Drivers

Distracted driving puts every motorist at risk every day. That risk extends to cyclists and pedestrians too. Some drivers just don’t pay attention to where they are going and that can put everyone else in harm’s way. Of course, the role cell phones play in distracted driving can’t be overstated.

The California Office of Traffic Safety asked drivers how big of a problem drivers using cellphones had become.  60% of California drivers surveyed stated that they have been hit or nearly hit by a driver talking or texting. In a single year, California saw 426,000 handheld cellphone and texting convictions.

The dangers can’t be ignored, and it can be argued that rideshare drivers have the most reason to be distracted. Their work all happens from the driver’s seat and their cell phones are essential parts of their jobs.

Here are just a few of the distractions Uber workers deal with each day:

  • Ride Request Notification: That alert can draw attention away from the road faster than almost anything else. Drivers have only a few seconds to accept a request. They must assess how close the destination is and then accept it before it disappears and goes to another driver.
  • Working for Lyft too – To earn more money, many Uber workers drive for multiple rideshares and switch back and forth between the apps all day. This constant swapping can force Uber drivers to ignore the cars around them and lead to a potential crash.
  • Distracting Customers – Riders may make sudden changes to their trip. They may change the drop-off point. They may want to argue during the trip. All of these factors can break the driver’s concentration.
  • Driver emotional and physical state – Another threat on Modesto roads, drowsy drivers. Uber drivers may be working too many hours and getting too little sleep. Employees for Uber may also be dealing with problems in their personal lives and be unable to focus on safe driving.
  • Speeding – Uber drivers may be running late, or have a passenger who needs to be at a certain location at a certain time. They can engage in speeding and other reckless actions on the streets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Uber drivers carry accident insurance?


Uber requires its drivers to carry their own auto insurance. If you are hit by an Uber driver or are a passenger in an Uber vehicle during an accident, you will first file a claim with that driver’s insurance policy. This may prove to be pointless because insurance companies don’t always cover their policyholders when they drive for rideshares. If a driver’s insurance won’t cover your medical costs or will only offer partial compensation, you will then file a claim against the Uber company’s insurance policy.

Does Uber have accident insurance coverage?

Uber does have accident liability coverage, but it will only help victims in certain situations. Uber will back drivers and their victims with up to one million dollars in coverage if the accident occurs while the Uber employee has passengers in the car or has accepted a ride request and is on the way to pick the rider up. The coverage drops to 100,000 if the accident happens when the driver doesn’t have a ride request but is logged on to the app. If the Uber driver isn’t logged into the app and working when an accident occurs, Uber won’t provide coverage. There are ways a rideshare accident attorney working for you can investigate Uber practices and potentially force them to accept blame in a collision.

Can I file a claim against my uninsured motorist coverage after an Uber accident?

If the driver’s insurance policy won’t provide compensation for your injuries and Uber has refused your claim, you might be forced to file a claim with your own insurance. This may not be a simple process though. Insurance agents may still try to limit your compensation even though you are their customer. An attorney on your side can check over their offer and make sure you are getting fair compensation for all of your physical, emotional, and financial hardships.

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