Uber Accident Lawyer in Pleasanton

Pleasanton ranks high on many lists as one of the best cities in America. Ease of mobility certainly factors into that and there’s no shortage of rideshare options to transport you around the city. The Uber company got its start not far away and people in Pleasanton don’t hesitate to hail a driver when they need to get somewhere on time and affordably.

The hitch is that with Uber drivers and other rideshare and delivery companies all zipping around Pleasanton, we may find that the scary traffic in the East Bay area can get even worse. An Uber driver, pouring over his or her Uber app, might be just distracted enough to lose sight of your vehicle until there’s a frightening impact.

If you are hit and injured by an Uber driver, or if you’re a passenger in an Uber vehicle during an accident your first move should be to contact a Pleasanton rideshare accident lawyer ready to take your fight to Uber. Uber makes plenty of money off of East Bay residents and they should be first in line to help victims after collisions. They often aren’t the first to step up, but that’s why a rideshare lawyer can save the day and secure the compensation you require to cover medical costs and even unforeseen needs as you get back on your feet.

Distracted Driver Dangers for Pleasanton Uber Drivers

Uber drivers face a lot of distractions as they try to navigate the busy streets of our city. You might be traveling on  I-680 or downtown on Main Street looking for a great meal when you see an Uber employee driving erratically.

They may be staring at a phone to decipher a ride request on the Uber App. They may be in a rush, driving recklessly, trying to keep a passenger from being late to work or school. They may also be traveling alone, daydreaming, and veering out of their lane while waiting to receive a notification from a customer. It’s all part of the job until they make a mistake and end up smashing into your vehicle.

Uber Injury Compensation In Pleasanton Accidents

Uber does maintain a million-dollar insurance policy but it’s only available to victims in certain circumstances.

First, you’ll have to file a claim with the insurance company that covers the rideshare driver. This claim is often rejected because insurance companies don’t feel obligated to support drivers and their victims when their policyholders are on the road for Uber. Uber drivers must usually get a separate policy to cover themselves as they work, but not a lot of rideshare workers pay for this extra coverage.

Uber’s million-dollar coverage can then be called upon, but only if the accident happened while the Uber driver was on the way to pick up a rider or had the rider already in the car. If the driver has no passenger and doesn’t have a ride request, but is logged into the app, then Uber offers up to 100,000 dollars to injured victims.

Uber Insurance Pitfalls After Collisions

Just getting to a point where you can file a claim against Uber doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to collect compensation for your injury and difficult recovery.

Uber is an international corporation and is well protected by insurance adjusters and lawyers when needed. They can try several options to block you from getting fair compensation. Sometimes their tactics can leave victims with nothing at all.

  • Deny and Delay: Uber insurance representatives can first deny that they owe you anything hoping you’ll give up your claim. They might question your account of what happened even if you are well armed with evidence. They might even point to your driving history to make the point that you’re an unsafe driver. Uber could also pull up your medical history and say that you had a pre-existing injury that wasn’t caused by the crash. All of these tactics aren’t relevant to the case, but they can slow down the response time on your claim as you face more and more pressure from creditors over your medical debt and your monthly bills like car and rent payments.
  • Lowball Offers: Once you’re desperate, Uber reps may come at you with a sudden settlement offer. There are two things to know here. The offer is often very unfair to the victim and likely won’t cover all of the hardships you’ve been through. It’s also likely that your injury is worth much more than you know. Compensation should cover more than just a few days of hospital bills. You might need surgery or extended care months later. You should not be on the hook for those costs. An attorney by your side spotting these lowball offers and stall tactics can put a stop to them immediately.

Contact an Uber Accident Lawyer in Pleasanton

If you were a driver, a pedestrian, a motorcyclist, or a cyclist and were hurt by an Uber employee, it is important to give a call to your local Rideshare Accident Lawyer. Your consultation will be absolutely free and confidential.

There will be many benefits available to you as a victim that Uber and its agents will keep you in the dark about. Your lawyer can shed light on your rights and help you get every bit of compensation available to you for what you’ve been through. Contact a Pleasanton Uber Accident Lawyer right now.