How Do California Dashers Report Injuries to DoorDash?

How Do California Dashers Report Injuries to DoorDash? | California Rideshare Lawyer

DoorDash now has occupational accident insurance coverage at no cost to its Dasher drivers. They might be eligible to make a claim under this insurance if they’re injured while on a DoorDash delivery. It covers medical payments, disability payments of up to $500 per week and survivors’ benefits in the event of a wrongful death occurring as a result of a covered accident.

What is Occupational Accident Insurance?

Before a person can become a DoorDash Dasher and make deliveries, he or she must acknowledge the employment status of an independent contractor rather than an employee. The general rule in California is if an employer has one or more employees, the employer must have workers’ compensation insurance coverage. On its face, when a Dasher confirms that he or she is an independent contractor and not an employee, that confirmation might operate to take the Dasher out of the purview of California’s workers’ compensation laws. A policy of occupational accident insurance allows DoorDash to look as if it’s paying something in the nature of workers’ compensation insurance while what it’s actually paying for is drastically less expensive.

DoorDash Occupational Accident Insurance Coverage is Narrow:

Like with its excess liability coverage, DoorDash is again covering its own interests and not the best interests of its Dashers. It’s not unusual to see trucking companies with occupational accident insurance. In some instances, an owner-operator of a truck might be determined to actually have been an employee at the time of an injury, especially in light of recent legislation. Then, injured owner-operators might use California’s workers’ compensation laws to their benefit. The occupational accident insurance offers DoorDash significant protection. The bottom line in making a claim with the DoorDash occupational accident insurer, is the Dasher must have DoorDash food in his or her vehicle when a covered accident arises. Compared to workers’ compensation insurance, that doesn’t offer Dashers much protection at all.

How Does a California Dasher Report an Injury to DoorDash?

You can file your claim for benefits under DoorDash’s occupational accident insurance online. You’ll serve your best interests by consulting with and retaining an attorney from our law firm     before filing that claim. Upon its filing, your claim will then be assigned to a “third-party adjuster” who will “guide you through the claims process.” This person is not your friend. He or she is the opposition who will lead you to make errors and omissions that are designed to either devalue your claim or defeat it in its entirety.

Contact a California Rideshare Injury Lawyer

If indeed you have a valid claim pursuant to DoorDash’s occupational accident insurance, don’t take a single step toward making it without retaining an aggressive doordash injury attorney who has your best interests at the forefront. Contact our offices as soon as you can, and you can arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation. Your questions will be answered truthfully, and we can talk about what happened to you, how it happened and how it has affected you. Then, we can discuss how best to assert your claim. Our objective is to maximize any benefits that you might receive.