Postmates Accident Lawyer in Visalia CA

Postmates drivers are often distracted by their orders or their phones. Distracted driving can lead to serious accidents. If you have been injured in an accident with a Postmates driver in Visalia, you might be able to file a claim for damages. Contact us today to learn more.

Postmates Distracted Driving Accidents Around Visalia

Postmates drivers can get very busy around lunch and dinner times. We all have hectic times where we work but these rushes hit food delivery employees when they’re at the wheel. Every order that appears on the worker’s Postmates app is another potential distraction.

Being distracted leads to more than just frustration for other drivers. It can lead to scary collisions and serious injuries and even cost a life. The CDC found that on average eight people die every day across the nation as a result of accidents involving distracted driving. Of course, that astonishing number is likely much higher, because many drivers won’t admit to investigators when distraction caused their accident.

A Postmates driver can be speeding to get a bag of tacos to a customer before they go cold. They can be signed up to drive for a second food delivery service like Grubhub to get more customers. They may not be getting enough sleep between shifts. These are all factors that can distract a Postmates driver and lead them to be careless on the street.

If you are driving on that same street, you could suddenly be on a collision course with a Postmates driver who just isn’t paying attention. After a collision, you might find yourself in the hospital with serious injuries, and wondering if the at-fault driver or his or her company can be counted on to help pay for your recovery.

Postmates Insurance Coverage in Accidents

If you are injured by the carelessness of a delivery driver, it might seem only right that the company they drive for take some responsibility for your recovery. It makes perfect sense, but of course, big companies don’t always do the right thing.

Postmates does provide some insurance protection for drivers and their victims but it only covers drivers during certain parts of their shifts. What’s more, you’ll first have to appeal to the Postmates Driver’s own insurance company.

There are three major options when you’ve been in an accident caused by a Postmates driver:

  • The Postmates Driver’s Policy – You’ll first file a claim for damages against the driver’s personal car insurance policy. This can be a dead-end because many insurance companies will deny a claim if their policyholder was driving for a food delivery service at the time of a crash. The driver’s insurance might not compensate you for all of your recovery expenses either. In that case, you’d have to try to get the rest of the money you needed from Postmates.
  • Postmates Insurance Coverage – Postmates is one of the few food delivery services that backs its drivers with coverage. The coverage only applies if an accident occurs while drivers have food for an order in their cars. Once they’ve dropped it off, the coverage no longer applies. So, in the right circumstances, Postmates does carry a one million dollar third party supplemental insurance policy.
  • Your Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage – If neither the driver’s policy nor Postmates’ policy will cover your injuries, a claim against your own insurance policy may be necessary. Your uninsured/underinsured coverage would be called upon. Be advised that your own insurance company can still treat you like the enemy and work to pay you as little as possible for your pain and suffering.

In some instances, when Postmates doesn’t want to accept liability, an experienced attorney working for you can investigate other factors of the case to attempt to change their minds.  The employee’s driving record and Postmates hiring and training policies can all be brought to light to help solidify your case.

Why File an Accident Claim Against Postmates?

After an accident, you may be facing a long recovery and possibly physical therapy for the rest of your life. A car collision can do devastating damage to innocent victims and perhaps change the routine of their entire lives.

These are some of the most common injuries in car crashes:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI): Head injuries can cause light concussions or something as serious as permanent brain damage.
  • Broken Bones: From hairline to compound breaks, fractures commonly occur in the force of a collision. Even skulls can fracture in an impact.
  • Neck injuries: Disc nerve damage is possible. Thoracic Spine Injury (whiplash) can severely restrict movement.
  • Soft tissue injuries: This tissue connects, supports, and holds different parts, like organs, in place within the body. Impacts can affect muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
  • Airbag injuries: Airbags can protect you in a crash, but they can also cause their own specific injuries. They can cause severe burns and malfunctions can send shrapnel through the vehicle.

As with any accident, permanent disfigurement, permanent disability, amputation, and paralysis can result. These devastating outcomes can change the course of a life and require daily care and training just to regain some independence.

That’s why filing a civil claim for damages and making sure you don’t accept a lowball offer are crucial decisions after an injury. In any claim, your future needs have to be considered.

You need enough compensation to pay for hospital bills now and any care necessary in the future. Medical equipment needed throughout your life should be a part of any settlement. Even your missed time at work and the paychecks you can’t recover can be reimbursed.