DoorDash Accident Lawyer in Fresno CA

The influx of DoorDash drivers in Fresno adds to the dangerous amount of distracted drivers on the street. If you have been involved in an accident with a DoorDash driver, contact us today. You might be entitled to financial compensation.

DoorDash Accidents in Fresno

The prospect of a hot, delicious meal without having to lift a finger can sound like a great deal when you’re hungry. You might have realized by now that there are dozens of delivery drivers around Fresno ready to take advantage of your momentary weakness in willpower.

Drivers for food delivery services like DoorDash can earn a living off of our love of food, but it’s important to point out that at the same time, their cars zipping around everywhere are adding to rush hour. They add to the traffic on the roads and their quest to please hungry customers can also turn them into accident hazards on the road.

DoorDash Drivers and Insurance Coverage

Nationwide delivery companies like Doordash make a lot of money off our orders. They use our local streets for free, their employees provide their own cars, and they classify their employees as contract workers meaning they don’t have to take a lot of responsibility for their mistakes.

It’s a pretty good set-up for DoorDash, but not great for anyone injured by one of their drivers.

So who does take responsibility for your injuries in an accident caused by a DoorDash Driver? There are three insurance policies that might come in to play:

  • The Driver’s Policy — In an accident, you’ll usually have to start with the driver’s personal coverage. These claims are often turned down because many insurance companies won’t provide coverage for accidents that happen while the policyholder is on-the-clock for Doordash.
  • DoorDash Policy — If your claim is denied or underfunded by the driver’s insurance company, DoorDash does have some coverage but it can only be called upon in a certain part of the worker’s shift. If the accident happened while a driver had a customer’s food in the car for delivery then DoorDash provides a one million dollar policy for bodily injury and/or property damage. The coverage no longer applies once the food is dropped off. The driver’s own coverage takes back over.
  • The Victim’s Policy – If neither party will provide compensation, you may be required to file a claim against your own insurance policy, calling on the uninsured/underinsured protection. You would have to convince your agents that you are in need of help with things like hospital bills and lost wages from missed time at work. Even though this is your own firm you are dealing with, you could still end up feeling cheated as they try to avoid compensating you for your pain and suffering.

DoorDash Distracted Drivers Behind the Wheel

These insurance questions are important when you consider just how likely an accident with a delivery driver may be. Driver distraction is a big factor in accidents across the nation each year.

The FCC reports that an estimated 400,000 people were injured in crashes involving distracted drivers in 2018. And this number could be much greater because drivers don’t always admit when they were looking at their cellphones before an accident.

DoorDash employees face any number of things requiring their attention as they drive. For starters, their cellphones are their co-workers on the road. They can’t do anything without that Apple or Samsung device. Every time they glance at cell phone they put other motorists on the road with them at elevated risk.

Customers want food delivered while it’s still warm and that added pressure can be a temptation to speed for any DoorDash worker running behind. Just finding restaurants and homes in unfamiliar parts of Fresno can lead to a lot of glances at a phone and a lot of inattention to the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I’m in an accident with a DoorDash car?

Call 911 and make sure you are safe first. Then, if you’re physically able, you’ll want to collect as much evidence as possible to document what happened.

Give a full report on the accident to police officers. Make sure they know that the driver was working at the time of the crash. Take photos of the scene from every angle and get photos of anything on the driver’s car that reveals who they work for. Note any nearby security cameras that might have captured what happened. Swap insurance and driver’s license information with the DoorDash driver and document any work identification they have. Get contact information from any witnesses. Also, later, see your personal doctor and get all injuries documented.

Should I talk to the driver and DoorDash Representatives?

Get information from the driver but don’t make any statements about what happened. Also, beware of phone calls from anyone representing DoorDash or an Insurance Company. They may pretend to only want to know how you’re doing but they really want you to give them a statement about the accident that could be used against you later. It’s better to let someone represent you and handle all of the communications with DoorDash.

How long do I have to file an injury claim after an accident with a DoorDash driver?

2 Years.

California’s statute of limitations allows you up to two years to file a civil lawsuit over your injuries. The best strategy is to file as soon as you’re able. This will give you and your attorney the best chance of gathering evidence and keeping track of witnesses. You’ll also have an easier time grabbing important documents as soon as they become available.