Instacart Accident Lawyer in Fresno CA

When Instacart drivers are paying more attention to their orders than to the road, Fresno drivers are at risk of serious collisions. If an Instacart driver caused an accident that resulted in your injury, contact us today.

Instacart Accidents in Fresno

The people of Fresno work hard all day and night and can build up a really big appetite. When it’s time to feed the family and we don’t want to drive to the store, a grocery delivery app like Instacart may be the first place we turn.

Those bags of groceries can all be brought right to our front steps. Those drop-offs are great for busy families, but you also have to consider the traffic that might be out on the roads the next time you hop in your car. Drivers that are on the clock for Instacart may be in your lane and may be doing some reckless driving.

Instacart Dangers for Fresno Drivers

The temptation to ignore safe driving practices can be strong for anyone driving for a living. Instacart drivers depend almost exclusively on their phones for their work and that can prove to be a deadly distraction behind the wheel. New orders, locating unfamiliar customers, and just monitoring shifting bags of groceries can all affect the driving of an Instacart employee.

In a single year, the California Highway Patrol figures that cellphone-related accidents (handheld and hands-free) make up around 10% of all distracted driving accidents. That number is likely much higher when you consider that investigators can’t always tell when cellphone use caused a collision. But even at 10%, you can see the effects cellphone use has on local accident numbers. In 2019, Fresno County saw 2,970 collisions and left over 4,000 people injured.

An Instacart driver can be worried over quickly melting frozen foods or hot foods going cold all when they should be focused on the road. If you happen to be in their lane at the same instant, that inattention can lead to a scary crash and injuries for everyone involved.

Instacart Insurance Coverage in California Accidents

Beyond the frightening potential for severe injuries, accidents with delivery drivers can be extremely hard on the victims because there’s no guarantee of coverage for your injures. You may have to face your recovery and expensive medical bills alone.

Instacart offers no insurance for the victims of their driver’s mistakes. If you are in a collision caused by an Instacart driver your only hope may be the employee’s personal car insurance. This can be a frustrating aspect of these accidents though because many insurance providers yank coverage away when they find out their policyholder was working for Instacart when the accident happened.

Sadly, victims may have to count on their own uninsured/underinsured policy coverage to try to cover their hospital expenses and lost wages from missing work. If this is the last option, injured victims may still get taken advantage of because their own insurance company can try to deny them full coverage for their pain and suffering.

Lawsuits Filed Against Instacart After Accidents

Instacart doesn’t back their drivers when they cause accidents, but you might still be able to force them to accept liability. They make money off the driver who caused your injury. They should have to accept some of the blame, no matter what excuses they hide behind.

With an experienced attorney working on your behalf, other factors involving Instacart’s corporate practices can be put under a microscope.

Pointing out these shortcomings and other details can help you earn compensation for your injuries:

  • Instacart Safety Practices – Could more safety training for the company’s drivers have prevented this accident?
  • Instacart Driver’s Record – Did the company do extensive background checks? Was something missed?
  • Driver Exhaustion – Does Instacart monitor how long their workers sit behind the wheel or make grocery runs without a break? Is the driver getting enough sleep or are they a danger on the road?
  • Vehicle Safety – Instacart doesn’t provide drivers with cars, but that doesn’t mean that can’t be held accountable if their employee’s poorly maintained vehicle malfunctions and causes an accident.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get statements from witnesses after an Instacart Accident?


If witnesses saw something important get their contact information. If they want to tell you what they saw make sure to jot it down or even record their testimony on your phone if they’ll allow it.  If they would rather write down what they observed then ask them to sign and date it. Also, be sure to ask them if they observed the Instacart driver looking at their phone or engaged in some other type of unsafe behavior just before the accident.

What if an Instacart driver tries to claim they were off the clock?

If a driver hasn’t informed their insurance agent that they work for Instacart, they may try to hide the fact after a collision. It could be a negative for you as a victim if you later want to include Instacart in a lawsuit. If you’re able, try to get confirmation of the driver’s employment on the scene. Take photos of any Instacart stickers on the car. Note any badges or I-D worn by the driver. Also, try to notice if they have bags of groceries in the car. An attorney may be able to use Instacart app records to prove the accident happened on-the-clock.

Do I need an attorney after a collision with an Instacart worker?

It’s always smart to discuss your case with a qualified rideshare and delivery accident attorney. A good attorney will tell you if they can help you earn more compensation for your case, and they’ll tell you if you’re better off filing a standard insurance claim on your own. Often when companies like Instacart are involved you can end up getting an unfair deal from their corporate attorneys. You’ll need someone on your side with experience handling big-city law firms.