Electric Scooter Accident Lawyer in Fresno

While scooters are fun and convenient, a mishap on a scooter can lead to serious injury. A distracted driver might not see a scooter in their path and can easily cause serious injury or death to a scooter rider. If you or someone you love was injured in a scooter accident, contact us today to discuss your legal options.

Fresno Scooter Accidents

A day in downtown Fresno may have you seeking a parking place every 30 minutes or, if your walking, rubbing your sore feet every few blocks. But an electric scooter could make that trip out to Chukchansi Park or across the Tower District a fun and less exhausting journey.

These rideshare scooters offered by Lime and other companies can make traveling across Fresno much more sensible. But riders can’t forget that they are generally only allowed to ride in the street and that means they’ll often be sharing the lanes with careless and distracted drivers. One mistake by someone in a vehicle can end a day of riding and even land a scooter rider in the hospital.

Scooter Accident Dangers in Fresno

An electric scooter is a powered vehicle that can propel you up to 15 miles per hour. That may not seem a lightning-fast ride, but for new riders, the speed paired with the added balance needed can be a little hazardous.

Just like riding a bike, a scooter requires some athletic skill. It’s easy after some practice, but those first few trips can be especially hazardous. Just the chance you’ll forget to use a hand or foot brake to stop can be scary.

Even experienced riders can hit a bad patch of road and go tumbling or run into a tree. You may wonder just how much a scooter company like Lime, Bird, or Lyft backs it’s customers when they get hurt.

Who is Responsible in a Scooter Accident?

Scooter riders who fall off their machines or crash into obstacles can have a hard time getting help with hospital bills and other expenses. All scooter rideshares make customers agree to a waiver of liability before a ride, so this can make it difficult to hold anyone else liable in a crash.

These are a few of the most common options people may try after an accident:

  • The Scooter Company – After clicking “I Agree” on a waiver form on an app you accept all the liability if you crash and are injured. Generally, the only way to get compensation from a company like Lime is if your accident was caused by a scooter malfunction. A previous rider may have left a scooter damaged. If a brake failed or a tire came off you can build a case against a scooter company that it would have to take seriously. You might also be able to prove the company’s safety guidelines don’t go far enough to protect riders.
  • Car Insurance – Unless you have a special type of coverage you likely won’t be able to get compensation from your auto accident policy. Insurance companies usually won’t cover you when you’re riding on anything less than four wheels.
  • Local Government and Businesses– It may be possible to hold local transportation departments liable for potholes and other obstacles that can send you into a crash. City statutes may even force riders to travel on unsafe surfaces, making local leaders and departments liable for an accident. This can include hazards created by tree roots. Construction sites may also force you into detours that prove dangerous. The city or the construction company could be forced to accept responsibility.
  • Health Insurance – In many accident cases involving only the rider, your own health insurance may be the only recourse you have to get assistance paying for medical bills and rehabilitation. It’s a tough pill to swallow when a rideshare company can make so much money off of riders but be allowed to escape liability when those same customers get hurt.

Scooter Collisions with Careless Drivers Around Fresno

Scooter accidents involving an impact with a careless driver can prove much more serious for the scooter victim. Scooter riders travel out in the open and unprotected and any encounter with a two thousand pound vehicle can be devastating.

Drivers often try to claim they can’t see vehicles smaller than their own cars or SUVs. This is a common risk for motorcyclists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and especially anyone on a scooter. Distracted drivers may forget to check their mirrors and double-check blind spots as they turn or change lanes and cause a violent collision with someone on a scooter.

An accident involving serious injury for a scooter rider would be handled as any other vehicle accident. Victims can demand compensation by filing a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance policy. An attorney working on your case can make sure the insurance company doesn’t trick you into taking a low ball offer. You weren’t to blame for your accident and the at-fault driver’s insurance should be on the hook for every hospital bill you receive and even the wages you’ve lost while missing time at work.

The aftermath of a collision can be a vulnerable time for scooter accident victims. But it’s a rideshare accident attorney’s job to protect your right to compensation and make sure an insurance agent or rideshare company doesn’t leave you to face the consequences alone.