Uber Accident Lawyer in Fresno CA

While Uber rides can be super convenient, distracted Uber drivers can cause serious damage if they lose sight of the road. If you have been injured by the carelessness of an Uber driver, contact us today to discuss your case and sort through your options.

Fresno Uber Accidents

Uber is an easier and usually cheaper option to the classic yellow-taxi. With a few swipes, you can track your driver on the map, you can signal them for pick-up, and you’ll usually know exactly how much you’ll pay. And you’d hope that an Uber ride around Fresno would be safer than a trip in a taxi, but that’s not necessarily true. Uber drivers face a lot of stress and distraction while they’re at the wheel and that can be bad news for every other driver on the road.

An Uber driver may be racing to get a customer where they need to be or they may be looking at a cell phone for their next pick-up location. That inattention can lead to a dangerous move on the road, and if you happen to be driving in a lane nearby, you might wind up in an unavoidable collision. You may find yourself with serious injuries and one important question on your mind. When drivers are working for a rideshare company who takes responsibility for an accident?

Uber Accident Insurance Coverage

Does Uber support the victims of accidents caused by their drivers? It’s an important question when you are in the hospital facing a painful and expensive rehabilitation from injuries.

Uber drivers are required to pay insurance dues and maintain their own personal auto insurance policy. If you are in an accident caused by a driver, you will first file a claim against the driver’s insurance. There’s a good chance that claim will be denied because many insurance firms refuse to cover accidents that happen while their policyholders are working for a rideshare.

If your claim is denied. It’s time to direct a claim for damages against Uber itself. The company does maintain insurance coverage for when the driver’s insurance doesn’t cover the accident or doesn’t offer enough compensation to victims.

The catch is that Uber coverage is dependent on what the driver was doing at the time of the collision. Certain phases of the driver’s shift are covered in different ways.

  • Period Zero: The driver is not on-the-clock for Uber. They are not logged into the app. No coverage is offered by Uber.
  • Period One: This is when the driver is working but hasn’t accepted a ride request. If an accident happens at this point, Uber provides victims up to $50,000 for each person injured in an accident, $100,000 total injury liability for the accident, and $25,000 property damage liability.
  • Period Two: A driver has accepted a ride request and is on the way to pick someone up. Liability coverage grows to $1 million.
  • Period Three: The rider has been picked up. The coverage for period three continues until the passenger has been dropped off. Uber covers any accidents during period three with one million dollars in liability insurance and one million dollars in uninsured /underinsured motorist coverage.

If the driver’s insurance company and Uber both reject your claim you may be forced to make a claim on your own car insurance relying on the policy’s uninsured/underinsured coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I’m in an accident with an Uber car?

First, assess whether you need immediate medical attention. If so, call for an ambulance. If not, start documenting the scene of the accident.

Document the scene with photos of the damage to cars, street and traffic signs, any Uber stickers or badges visible on the car. Swap insurance information with the Uber driver and document any work identification they have. Talk to any witnesses, or even any Uber passengers, and get their contact information. If they’d like to make a written statement, make sure they sign and date it. Also, visit your own doctor and mention any injuries and any pain that arises in the days after the accident.

Should I talk to representatives of Uber after an accident?

Insurance agents and lawyers working for Uber may call you claiming to be checking on you. Don’t fall for it. They are usually trying to get you to make a statement about what happened so they can use it to weaken your claim. California does not require that you give Uber a statement. If you have an attorney, let them handle all communication with Uber.

Why should I hire an attorney after an Uber accident?

Accidents involving Uber drivers can quickly become complicated. Hiring an attorney to help you navigate your claim and ensure you meet appropriate deadlines can increase your odds of reaching a successful settlement.

Whether you file a claim against the driver’s insurance or your own, an attorney can make sure insurance agents take your pain and suffering seriously and can advise you when they’re making you a lowball offer. Uber will have many lawyers on their side and they may claim Uber has no liability in your accident, but an attorney working for you can challenge that notion. An attorney can look into Uber’s hiring and training records. Your attorney can also go deeper into the employee’s driving record to force Uber to admit to some mistakes.

What to expect after filing a claim in an Uber Accident

California’s statute of limitations on filing a claim in a personal injury case is set at two years. You should strive to file a lawsuit as soon as possible. This will give your attorney a better chance at collecting evidence and documents needed to prove your case.

When you file a claim for damages it’s very likely a trial won’t be necessary. Civil lawsuits over personal injury settle out of court around 90% of the time. It will be your choice if you accept a settlement. Your attorney can help you determine if it’s a fair offer.

An insurance company or Uber may still refuse to offer fair compensation for your injuries. Your attorney will make sure your case and evidence are prepared and ready in the event a trial is necessary. A civil trial may take a year or more before it reaches a courtroom. Settlements are possible even while trial motions are underway.

If the case is settled or there’s a verdict in your favor then you may expect compensation for these and other hardships you’ve endured:

  • Medical Bills/ambulance fees
  • Rehab treatment/equipment
  • Permanent disability/disfigurement
  • Travel related to accident recovery.
  • Lost time from work (Including lost time expected in the future)
  • Pain and mental anguish