Rideshare Accident Lawyer Merced

Merced means “Mercy” in Spanish and the fertile area is well known for its almond and sweet potato crops. The city is also known as the “Gateway to Yosemite” although most residents in Merced aren’t trying to get that far away. When they take to the roads they are usually trying to make it to work or class on time.

They can start up the car and drive themselves or let drivers for companies like Uber and Lyft chauffeur them around. A tap on the Uber app can bring a driver right to the front door.

Uber and Lyft Driver Accident Dangers Around Merced

It’s nice to enjoy the ride, but rideshare drivers can get into accidents like everybody else. They might be at more risk in fact, as they secure ride requests on their phones at 55mph and drive aggressively to the next stop. You may be a passenger or you may be driving alongside rideshare drivers when they take their eyes off the road and cause an impact.

If you find yourself in a serious crash caused by a rideshare employee, you may have a hard time sorting out who is responsible. Is it the driver? But they drive for Uber so wouldn’t the company be liable? The fact is it can be a complex question. A Merced rideshare accident attorney can help you sort out the exact parties to target when you seek help with your losses after a crash.

Rideshare Accident Insurance Issues

The question of insurance can also leave you guessing? Do companies like Uber provide coverage for the workers they make so much money off of? The answer is that they do offer liability to their employees and their victims, but it only applies in certain situations. What’s more, Uber and Lyft often try to shift all the blame to their employees. So, before you get to the stage of demanding money from Uber or Lyft, you’ll first have to file a claim with the driver’s personal car insurance policy.

The journey to getting compensation for your hospital bills, missed time at work, and even emotional trauma stemming from your injuries can be difficult and confusing. For a bit more clarity, here’s more information on some of the rideshares and delivery companies we can help you with:

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