Rideshare Safety

When you travel around California by Uber App you might be focused on the destination more than the journey. You may want to get in your ride and zone out with your phone until you’re at your stop. Some Uber riders prefer not to look up the whole trip.

When an Uber employee does the driving it’s nice to let them worry about the traffic, but as a passenger, you should pay attention to several factors that might keep you a lot safer when you ride.

And if you are ever put in harm’s way while in an Uber car as a passenger or a driver, or if you’re driving or walking when you are struck by an Uber driver, please contact the Rideshare Law Office for a free consultation on your case. You should know your rights to compensation when you’ve been injured and you shouldn’t accept anything less than what’s fair when dealing with Uber.

Uber Safety Report Gets a Failing Grade

Uber released a safety report at the end of 2019 and the numbers revealed weren’t encouraging for riders. They made some people want to delete the app entirely.

CNN detailed what the report contained. Over 2017-2018 Uber says they received almost 6000 reports of sexual assault. Among those cases were 464 reports of rapes. The victims weren’t just passengers either. 45% of those reported sexual assaults came from drivers.

The release on safety also identified 19 tragic deaths caused by physical assault over the two-year period. These astounding numbers only serve to remind every rider that sitting down and zoning out may not be an option when you’re trying to stay safe.

As always, alcohol and autos should never mix. But some Uber drivers haven’t taken their designated driver role seriously. Drunk Uber Drivers should be held accountable. If your Uber driver appears intoxicated, end the ride immediately and report the driver.

Uber drivers can also be put at risk when their passengers are drunk. Drunk Uber Passengers are more likely to cause a major distraction for the driver and can sometimes get violent. Uber drivers have the right to be protected and compensated in these situations as well.

Safety Tips When Riding with Uber

Uber has proven to be a lifesaver for the many people who can’t drive or don’t have a car, or for people trying to visit all of the local sites while on vacation. It’s a reliable and affordable way to get around, but there are some safety concerns you should always monitor.

Your driver will usually be a complete stranger. That can be a little scary in its own right, even if they do work for Uber. That driver may also be an imposter. It’s rare but it happens and then you have to wonder what their motive is.

Uber understands these potential risks and your concerns. These are a few tips from the Uber page that they’ve put together with the help of Law Enforcement to keep you safer.

  • Stay inside – When you request a ride don’t wait outside on the street with your phone in your hand. Criminals may be able to tell that you’re waiting on a ride and take advantage of the situation. Order up a driver while you’re indoors at your location, around other people. It’s the one time you don’t need to be early. Proceed outside when you see your Uber car is approaching on your app or wait to be notified that it has arrived.
  • Check License Plates – This tip would have saved many victims. Always match the vehicle and the plates to the description on your phone. Make sure you are getting into the car that is shown on your app.
  • Swap Names – Ask drivers who they are picking up. Your first name will be at the top of their app and they’ll easily be able to give it to you. They could also ask you to confirm the driver’s name on your app so they feel safer.
  • Share your trip details – You can tap the “share trip status” button to send information on your driver, car, and destination to preselected friends and family. They can then monitor your trip themselves to make sure you arrive alright.

What to Do When Things Go Bad On An Uber Ride

Uber says you should always trust your intuition when it comes to drivers. That’s good advice because Uber does background checks and has other fail-safes, but in reality, they haven’t met their own employees face to face. They don’t personally know them.

Their driver may be on his or her very first shift. There are never any guarantees when an Uber driver faces the stress of the job for the first time. Stress can do funny things to people. And a new driver may not have any ratings from other passengers to tip you off to a problem.

So if you feel funny about a driver, don’t get in. You have the right to end your ride at any time, even at the curb.

If you are inside and you feel uncomfortable you can request that the ride end then and there (as long as you are getting out at a safe location).

Hopefully, that’s the end of it. But if the driver won’t let you out you should do two things:

  • Call 911 on your phone or use the “Emergency Assistance” button on the Uber App. Using the Uber App emergency button will connect you to 911. Your app can automatically send some information about your ride and location to the 911 operator.
  • Once you are free of the vehicle and you feel safe, let Uber know exactly what happened. They don’t personally know their drivers, so you may be the only person who can warn them of a problem and make sure it doesn’t happen to someone else. You’ll locate the help button on the app, select your issue, and tell them about your experience. Be as detailed as possible. Uber will open an investigation into the driver and the trip and may reach out to you for further information. More information on: Reporting Unsafe Uber Drivers

Support for Rideshare Victims in California

If you’ve been seriously injured in an assault involving an Uber driver, or you are hurt in an accident involving an Uber car you should contact a rideshare accident attorney who specializes in dealing with big companies like Uber and making sure they are held liable for their employees’ mistakes and even criminal actions.

Our attorneys are here to help support you through recovery and make sure you don’t get stuck with the cost of your medical expenses in an incident that wasn’t your fault. We can work to build your case and handle communication with insurance companies and lawyers, so you can focus on healing. To learn more about filing a legal claim against Ubercontact our office today.