Rideshare Accident Lawyer in San Diego

Whether you’re commuting from Carmel Valley or looking for a bite in Normal Heights, San Diego in one big city with a lot of little parts. The one thing that connects the beaches and the boulevards is the constant tide of rideshare and delivery drivers.

That constant flow added to the already busy traffic in “America’s Finest City” can seem a bit too much at times. Those constantly in motion drivers for Uber and Lyft can blanket the city, but they can also add to the congestion and increase your chances of a collision when you drive.

If you are the victim of an accident caused by an Uber or Lyft driver, make sure you know your rights before going up against a rideshare giant to try to get your hospital bills covered. Contact a rideshare accident lawyer to discuss what happened to you and we can help you determine your next move. You didn’t cause your injury and you shouldn’t have to destroy your savings account just to get adequate medical treatment to heal.

San Diego Rideshare Driver Accident Dangers

You may be coming up on a car that’s weaving lazily in and out of its lane, barely stopping for red lights, and then darting off in a rush. You might have just seen a distracted Uber or Lyft driver. They can be safe drivers under normal conditions but with all of the distractions the rideshare process and apps cause, it’s a wonder that more accidents don’t occur.

Rideshare employees can speed to get a passenger somewhere on time, they can also travel at five miles per hour as they seek out a customer. That’s even with the help of mapping assistance. And not to mention the constant alerts on cellphones as ride requests arrive. They always demand a glance downward, taking eyes off the road.

These demands can be great for business, but bad for the security of passengers, people in other vehicles, and pedestrians. If you get hit and are seriously injured, you may have to figure out the best approach to getting your bills and needs met as a victim. Will companies like Uber support victims hurt by their employees? An attorney on your side can help you sort out the complex insurance questions that often arise after someone on the clock causes an accident.

Here’s some more information on local rideshares and the coverage they offer in accidents:

Talk to a Rideshare Accident Lawyer in San Diego

After an accident, a representative from Uber or Lyft may contact you asking you for a statement. Don’t give them one. Rideshare companies have corporate lawyers who will be working to weaken your claim after getting injured in an accident. If you speak to them they may get you to say something they can later use against you. Make sure you have an attorney of your own handling all communication for you.

If you or a loved one sustained a serious injury and the crash involved a rideshare or delivery vehicle, or if you were driving for a rideshare when an accident occurred, contact us today for a free, confidential evaluation. After you tell us what happened, we will discuss all of your legal options for getting your medical care and your financial and emotional hardships compensated.