Lyft Accident Lawyer in San Diego

Whether you’re a frequent Lyft passenger or you are always driving local San Diego freeways yourself, it’s easy to see why so many extra rideshare drivers on the road, many of them preoccupied with their jobs, can mean an increased risk to your safety.

If you are suddenly the victim of a crash caused by a Lyft driver, you should think twice before leaving your recovery and the associated medical bills to fate. You didn’t cause your accident and you shouldn’t be targeted by bill collectors for your hospital invoices. You might have to take legal measures to get Lyft drivers or their employer to provide the support that’s only fair after what you’ve suffered.

Contact our San Diego Rideshare Lawyers and tell us what happened to you. We will listen and help you determine your best course of action to get fair compensation to avoid bankruptcy over an accident that shouldn’t be your responsibility.

Lyft Vehicle Accident Hazards in San Diego

Sometimes you have to rush out of the house, late for work or for a daycare drop off. Other times it’s more about want than need. You may suddenly desire some retail therapy in Mission Valley or have a gourmet lunch in mind in Hillcrest.

Residents in San Diego have lots of choices when it comes to how to get anywhere. It’s understandable that many would choose to travel by cellphone, pulling up the Lyft app and being off in minutes. It’s easy and affordable, but you may not have thought of the drawback of all those ride requests.

It’s just simple math, more drivers on the roads equal more chances for accidents. And then you have to consider the dangers of distracted driving, especially when you work from behind the wheel.

A Lyft driver can receive dozens of notifications a day from their Lyft app that require a glance down at a phone if not a longer look. They can also be working for both Uber and Lyft at the same time, creating more chances for inattention. You may see them drifting out of their lane as they look for street signs and wild turns their GPS assistance is suggesting. They may even miss a red traffic light. All of these reckless and careless moves can put passengers, pedestrians, and other motorists at great risk of injury.

Lyft Liability in San Diego Accidents

The question may come to you as you are treated in the hospital for an injury suffered in an accident caused by a Lyft worker. Who will help me pay for my recovery? Is it the at-fault Lyft driver or the Lyft company?

It may be one or the other, it might be both, and in some unfortunate cases, it can be neither. To begin your claim, you’ll be directed to file with the driver’s own car insurance policy. This might put you on a merry-go-round of frustration because insurance companies often decide to reject claims when they find their driver was working for Lyft when the accident occurred.

If your first claim is unsuccessful or the driver’s insurance coverage didn’t provide enough compensation, you may then file a civil lawsuit against Lyft. They provide insurance protection for victims but the accident must have occurred when the driver is officially on the clock for the rideshare.

If a Lyft driver has a passenger in the vehicle or is on the way to pick up a rider when a crash occurs, Lyft can offer up to one million dollars in accident coverage. If a Lyft driver was working and logged on to the app but didn’t have a customer locked in when the accident happened Lyft coverage tops out at 100,000 dollars.

You may be able to see a scenario where neither the driver nor Lyft provides you any help after an accident. This isn’t fair to you and can leave you facing enormous hospital bills for an accident in which you were an innocent victim.

In these situations, an attorney fighting on your side can attempt a few more things to change Lyft’s mind on accepting liability for your suffering. The hope is that by pointing out a few harmful practices by Lyft’s leadership a victim can earn fair compensation:

  • Lyft’s Hiring Practices – Were effective background checks made on the driver?
  • Employee’s Driving Record – Did Lyft miss an employee’s past driving violations that put passengers and other motorists at risk?
  • Safety Training – Does Lyft spend enough of its profits on training its employees on safe driving? Do drivers feel pressure to drive recklessly or work longer than they should?
  • Vehicle Safety – The driver’s car represents Lyft. Does Lyft make sure these vehicles are safe for passengers? A vehicle malfunction or part recall may also earn victims compensation from car manufacturers.

If all else fails, an attorney can help you with a claim using the uninsured motorist coverage on your own insurance policy. When you deal with any insurance agent, even your own agent, you’ll want a lawyer working to keep them from taking advantage of you and offering you the bare minimum in compensation.

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If you or a loved one sustained a serious injury and the crash involved a Lyft vehicle, contact us today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation. A giant company like Lyft will have a team of lawyers ready to cast doubt on your claim and get you to settle for an unfair amount or nothing at all. Make sure you know your rights and have someone in your corner so that you don’t get taken advantage of.

Whether you were hit by a rideshare driver, injured as a rideshare passenger, or hurt while working for Lyft, call us today. Our goal is to help you get the maximum amount of compensation available to you for your injuries.