Rideshare Accident Lawyer in San Luis Obispo

While San Luis Obispo is known for its slower pace, the demand for Uber and Lyft drivers doesn’t slow down. They have customers who need to get from A to B.  Whether for commute, tourism, or a designated driver, you can see all of the Uber and Lyft cars out on the road morning, noon, and night.

With all that added traffic on local roads, you may wonder how many accidents do all of these ride-for-hire cars get into. The answer is, about the same amount as all the normal drivers, which is to say, a lot. And that doesn’t factor in all of the dangerous distracted driving rideshare employees are required to do just to complete their daily runs.

If you are driving or walking and get hit by a rideshare or delivery driver, or if you’re a driver for Uber or Lyft and get injured, contact a San Luis Obispo rideshare accident lawyer. It’s an important step after an accident as you realize just what taking on a nationwide transportation giant might be like. These companies can make it hard for you to find compensation even when their drivers are clearly at fault. Cut through all of the legal nonsense and put a rideshare attorney on your case to protect your rights.

Rideshare Driver Accident Dangers in San Luis Obispo

You might have to get to an early class or maybe you just feel like a fast food and shopping run along Madonna Road. The choice to open up a rideshare app like Uber is never hard. It’s reasonably priced and reliable. But is that ride safe?

A driver for a company like Lyft has a co-pilot on every ride and that co-pilot is a cellphone. They can be helpful, but it’s also against California law to touch a cellphone while driving. The law is in place for good reason. Every day this hazardous distraction leads to frightening accidents on California streets and highways.

Once rideshare drivers are notified of a ride request, the inattention begins immediately. They must decide if they want to accept the customer in a limited amount of time. They must indicate they are accepting the ride and then figure out where the pick-up point is.

Passengers can even text messages to the driver to determine pick-up spots. All of this maneuvering takes a driver’s eyes off the road for seconds at a time. All while you may be in a lane in front of a driver or trying to cross a street on foot. Accidents can occur and victims can be left with severe injuries.

Compensation After an Accident with a Rideshare

After you get treated for your injury you’ll probably be turning over a confusing question in your mind. Will a rideshare company like Uber back its driver and his or her victims when hospital bills come due?

The truth is, they offer coverage but victims can be a long way off from collecting any compensation right after an accident. A company like Lyft can reroute victims to the driver’s personal insurance representative first. This is all while your lost time at work begins to add up to a lot of financial loss at a time when your medical bills are only multiplying.

Below you can find more information on some rideshare companies and their policies after an accident:

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