DoorDash Driver Accident Lawyer in Turlock CA

When you get hungry you might feel the urge to dash out for a bite, but in Turlock, you always have the option to let DoorDash make that snack run for you. But the trouble with all those rideshare requests and fast food delivery orders we are making is that each app tap is putting another car out onto our roads.

Delivery workers may be driving hazardously while focused on their jobs. They could miss a stop sign or start weaving in the lanes and end up striking your vehicle. If you are walking or driving when you’re hit by a DoorDash vehicle you might have real worries over if DoorDash will provide help to victims. You might be a DoorDash driver left with the same worries after an accident.

If you wind up in an unfortunate situation with a DoorDash driver or with the DoorDash company, contact a Rideshare Accident Attorney to figure out your next move. Our consultations are absolutely free and confidential. Contact us today.

DoorDash Driver Distraction In Turlock

You could be watching Netflix and suddenly get a fast-food craving for one of the take-out places off the Golden State Highway. Or you could want a gourmet meal from one of the fancier eateries along East Main Street. Whatever you’re hungry for, DoorDash drivers or “dashers” can serve it up.

If you happen to be on the road yourself, the DoorDash quick service may not be as positive. A driver for a company like DoorDash has more to worry about than just safe driving when they get behind the wheel. They can be forced to pay attention to their phones when orders roll in and that can be an extreme danger for other motorists.

Here are just a few of the temptations for unsafe practices and distractions DoorDash drivers face on their shifts:

  • Cellphone Distraction – The biggest distraction for any driver. DoorDash drivers can’t complete their job without a cellphone. With each notification, dashers must look down or over at their phones creating a situation that can lead to a careless accident.
  • Driving Recklessly – Order In! DoorDash drivers can be in a rush to get a hot meal delivered. They can choose to speed or drive aggressively.
  • New Addresses – Dashers can become obstacles as they seek out unfamiliar restaurants or home addresses. What’s more, DoorDash allows employees to choose when and where they work. So even if a driver is visiting another city, they can decide to work there for a day or two. That can mean delivery drivers who don’t know where anything is, leading to more careless driving even with mapping assistance.
  • Cruising and Waiting – If DoorDash workers parked and waited for orders their work would be safer, but some choose to cruise the streets in higher volume areas waiting to get a request for food. This can lead to more time on the streets and more chances of an accident.
  • Working for another Food Delivery – Some drivers in fast food and grocery delivery try to juggle a DoorDash app and perhaps a GrubHub app at the same time. It’s possible to get more orders this way, but there’s more distraction from their phones and more orders to worry over. It’s less time focused on the road.

DoorDash Insurance in a Delivery Driver Accident

If you’re forced into a collision by a delivery driver, your first chance to get help will be from the driver’s personal auto insurance policy. Doordash requires all of its drivers to provide their own coverage. There may be no help down this road though because many insurance companies refuse to cover drivers who are out on deliveries when accidents occur.

If the accident happened while the driver had a customer’s food in the car, DoorDash provides coverage to supplement whatever the driver’s insurance doesn’t pay for. DoorDash offers up to a one million dollar policy for bodily injury and/or property damage. Keep in mind that once a meal is dropped off, the driver’s own coverage takes back over.

You might have guessed that in some cases, you can be rejected by both the driver’s insurance and DoorDash’s insurance while you suffer with your injuries. At this point, an attorney working on your behalf can investigate problems with DoorDash’s hiring practices, background checks into drivers, and their safety practices to try to force DoorDash to accept some liability in your accident. You may also be forced to file a claim against your own insurance policy’s uninsured motorist’s coverage.

Contact A Turlock Doordash Accident Lawyer

No matter what insurance company you end up having to deal with, you’ll need an attorney making sure you don’t get taken advantage of. You didn’t cause your accident and you should not have every hospital bill fall on your shoulders. An international company like DoorDash should not be allowed to duck out on responsibility while you suffer.

If you or a loved one sustained a serious injury and the accident involved a DoorDash driver, contact us for a free and confidential consultation. Whether you were hit by a DoorDash driver or injured as a  driver we can help you get fair compensation.