Rideshare Accident Lawyer in Turlock

Whether you were in an accident with Lyft, Uber, or GrubHub, it is important to understand the correct process to successfully file your injury claim. If you miss deadlines or don’t claim all of your damages, you could be leaving money on the table. Contact us today to discuss your rights.

Rideshare Accidents in Turlock

To get everywhere you need to be in Turlock, you may be relying on apps like Uber to provide your ride. Or you may be sitting at home avoiding a trip out, but you still find your cupboard is out of groceries. A tap on the Instacart app might solve your dilemma.

All of the rideshare and delivery service options make it easy to keep the car in the garage and your feet up on the couch, but every time you request a ride or order up some fast food, more and more traffic hits the road.

And those “on-the-clock” drivers have a choice each day, to focus on their customers or focus on the road. It can be hard to do both, and unfortunately, it’s the other motorists on the road who end up paying a price by getting injured in accidents and then finding it hard to get help with their hospital bills.

Rideshare and Delivery Accident Dangers Across Turlock

It wouldn’t be crazy to say rideshare and delivery drivers are some of the most distracted drivers on the road. Some might be great drivers, but what companies like Uber or Amazon ask their employees to do each day can put their passengers and everyone else on the road in harm’s way.

Their mistakes can put themselves and others at risk for serious accidents and severe injuries.

Here are just a few of the unsafe practices these drivers may be tempted to engage in and some of the added stresses they endure:

  • Cruising for Customers – When drivers stay on the road waiting for a request or order to hit their app. This is known as “deadheading” in the industry. Employees are actually encouraged to circle in high traffic areas to be closer to potential customers. It just means more hours on the roads and more chances of causing an accident.
  • Quotas or Deadlines  – Drivers can be tempted to speed to meet delivery deadlines or to get to a passenger quickly. A customer may give the driver a better rating, but in that rush, they may endanger other drivers who are just trying to get to work, school, or back home.
  • Working for multiple rideshares – To earn more money drivers often work for multiple companies. They hope to get more chances at orders or passengers. The problem is that it can mean more time glancing at a phone, trying to keep up with multiple apps and incoming requests. It’s all more temptation to take their eyes off the road.
  • Distracting Customers – Passengers can create havoc in the driver’s car, or try to engage in small talk or even an argument. Or perhaps a customer forgot to add something to a grocery list and wants to update the order.  These can all be reasons for distracted driving.

Rideshare Compensation in Accidents

If you are in an accident caused by a rideshare driver, or you’re a rideshare driver hit by someone else you might assume you can expect help with your recovery from the companies involved. Unfortunately, the outcome can vary greatly when you’re involved in one of these accidents.

It all depends on what company you’re dealing with.  Some offer up to a million dollars in coverage and other companies offer absolutely nothing to victims. It’s tricky to know just where victims can get help and who exactly can be held liable in an accident.

Even the companies that do offer coverage to their drivers and other victims in accidents only provide it in very specific situations. The drivers must be in certain phases of their workday to be covered. And sometimes it’s only the company employee that’s covered. Sometimes it’s only the victims in other cars.

If you find yourself having to file a claim for damages against a delivery driver or one of these companies it can be confusing to know where to start.

These are just a few of the rideshare services and delivery companies our attorneys have experience taking on and securing compensation for our clients. More information on what to do if you’re in an accident can be found on each of these links:

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Rideshares provide an amazing service and offer thousands of people a means to make a living, but companies like Uber and Instacart should be held accountable when accidents happen and people get hurt as a result of their phone-dependent business model.

If you drive for a rideshare or delivery company and are hurt in an accident, our attorneys can help you. If you are a passenger in a rideshare and are hurt in an accident, we can help you. And if you’re a motorist hurt in an accident caused by a delivery driver, we can protect your rights.

A giant nationwide company will tell you they simply can’t take the blame when their workers get into accidents. We know how to make them reconsider that stance. You weren’t to blame for your accident, and you shouldn’t have to face the consequence alone. Contact our attorneys for a free consultation on your case and find out what’s fair compensation for your accident.