Lyft Accident Lawyer in Turlock CA

Turlock residents can pull up their Lyft apps for hundreds of reasons. They may need a ride to work, or to one of the many superstores up and down Highway 99 or over to the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds. There are plenty of options and plenty of rideshare employees ready to drive you.

The real question becomes, how safe are you getting in a car with a distracted driver, or a drowsy driver, or an aggressive driver? A Lyft driver can be all three. For that matter, how safe are you driving or walking alongside a Lyft vehicle?

A rideshare driver can have many reasons to be distracted, and distracted driving can lead to a serious crash. Inattention causes accidents every day in California. If you are the unfortunate victim of a collision involving a Lyft vehicle, don’t trust your physical and financial wellbeing to a heartless insurance company. Contact the Rideshare Accident Lawyers of Turlock and tell them what happened.  They can help you figure out your best move to make sure you don’t end up paying for an accident that wasn’t your fault.

Lyft Insurance Coverage in a Turlock Accident

Big companies rarely like to accept responsibility when their products or services hurt someone. It must be an unwritten rule somewhere because they almost always try to avoid blame no matter the circumstances.

After an accident, Lyft will try to shift all blame to their driver.  They hired this driver, did a background check, and made money off this driver, but after an accident, Lyft may try to avoid all association with their employee.

Lyft does carry accident liability coverage, but it will only help you in certain situations. It also won’t usually take effect until you’ve tried to collect from the Lyft driver’s personal insurance.

There are generally three ways to seek compensation after an accident caused by a Lyft driver:

  • The Lyft Driver’s Insurance: You will first be required to file a claim with the driver’s personal insurance company. This can end in frustration though, as car accident policies usually don’t cover drivers who are working for a rideshare service when an accident takes place. They could toss out your claim for damages outright or they may provide minimal compensation.
  • Lyft’s Insurance: If a claim against the driver’s insurance fails or doesn’t cover enough, a civil lawsuit can be filed against Lyft. If the driver was on the way to pick up a passenger or had the rider already in the car when a collision occurred, Lyft provides a million dollars in liability insurance for drivers and their victims. If the crash happens while drivers are on-the-clock (logged in on the Lyft app) but haven’t accepted a ride request, Lyft coverage drops to $100,000.
  • Your Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage – If claims against the driver’s policy and Lyft itself have failed you may have to depend on your own insurance policy. Your uninsured motorist coverage could provide compensation. Be advised that your own insurance company can still treat you unfairly and look to pay you well under what you’ll need to cover all of your bills for recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages are there to having an attorney after a Lyft accident?

In these complex cases, an attorney can determine just how many parties can be held responsible for your injuries and they can make sure whatever insurance company you end up dealing with treats you fairly. A company like Lyft will also have many lawyers on their side and they may not take your claim seriously or may extend a lowball offer if they think you don’t have legal representation to warn you of their tricks. Getting your own attorney will also let Lyft’s representatives know that you are willing to take them to court if they don’t accept liability. This threat can make them more likely to accept blame and offer you a fair settlement.

Are there other ways to force Lyft to accept responsibility for an accident?

If Lyft refuses to offer you any assistance after a serious accident their driver caused, an experienced attorney can try different strategies to encourage them to have a change of heart. Your lawyer can start investigating the Lyft employee’s driving record and record at the company. Did Lyft miss something in their background checks? Has this driver already been punished for misconduct before the accident? These are just a few of the factors that can be brought up in a hearing.

What kind of damages can I ask for in an accident claim?

All of the physical and financial losses you’ve suffered can factor into a final award for your claim.  Hospital bills and doctor and surgeon fees can all be compensated and that can include money for any future care needed.  If you’ve lost time at work due to your injury, those lost wages can be returned to you. Emotional damages can also be considered. If your severe injury has affected your enjoyment of life or led to family hardships, extra compensation can be awarded. The cost of psychological counseling can be included.

Contact A Turlock Rideshare Attorney

After an accident involving Lyft, a member of their company team may contact you for a statement. Speak to an attorney before giving a statement of any kind. This may be an attempt by Lyft’s lawyers to get you to say something that might hurt your case.

If you or a loved one sustained a serious injury and the accident involved a Lyft vehicle, contact us for a free and confidential consultation. Whether you were hit by a Lyft driver, injured as a passenger, or you were injured while working for Lyft we can make sure insurance companies take your emotional and physical pain seriously.