What Types Of Injuries Does Uber Pay For In California?

Your day (or night) in California may start by scheduling an Uber ride. By now, we all know that Uber will show up at your doorstep in no time and drop you at your destination, usually at a bargain price. Lots of people are in on the rideshare craze, but all those ride requests do add up.

It means more drivers using our already busy highways. And sometimes Uber employees have a little too much going on with their cellphones and passengers to pay attention to the lanes in front of them. The rideshare boom has brought a heightened risk of accidents and injuries for those inside and outside of Uber cars.

Uber Accident Injury Dangers in California

Other drivers on the road and pedestrians can suddenly take a powerful hit from an Uber vehicle and be left with a devastating injury. Passengers can experience a frightening accident from the backseat of an Uber car and get badly hurt in the impact. Broken bones, brain injuries, and spinal cord damage are all possible outcomes in such a crash.

Once an injury is stabilized and victims are treated, they may seek answers to some important questions. Will Uber help me while I recover? Will I be left to pay for my medical care alone?

When you have these sorts of questions, contact an experienced rideshare accident lawyer. We offer an absolutely free consultation on your case. If you have a serious injury it could require thousands of dollars in treatment and even affect your quality of life. Determining how much support you’ll need is of the utmost importance as it can affect your wellbeing years down the road.

Uber should definitely be held responsible for your costs of recovery from an injury caused by their drivers’ mistakes. But don’t trust Uber insurance representatives to tell you how much your injury is worth. Talk to a legal expert so that you don’t get tricked into signing off on a settlement that doesn’t cover your needs.

Common Injuries that Earn Insurance Money in Uber Accidents

The fact is, with the right legal pressure, Uber can be forced to provide support for any sort of injury someone may suffer. Then it becomes a matter of just how much your injury is worth and how much support you’ll need. Car accidents can result in injuries that are relatively minor like an ankle sprain or a stiff neck or an injury that’s much more serious.

These are some of the most common and most serious injuries that victims in Uber accidents can seek compensation for:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI): A blow to the head can cause light concussions or something as serious as permanent brain damage along with a loss of memory and function.
  • Broken Bones: There are different degrees of fractures, from hairline to compound. A broken bone can require more than just a one-time emergency room visit. Bones can heal the wrong way and require subsequent surgeries and physical therapy. When amputations become necessary victims can be forced to learn a new way of life.
  • Spine And Back Injuries: A spinal injury can lead to paraplegia (a loss of control in the lower limbs) and quadriplegia (a loss of control from the neck down). These injuries can result in a permanent disability and require much more in compensation to try to return a victim’s life back to as normal as possible.
  • Neck injuries: Disc nerve damage is possible. Thoracic Spine Injury (whiplash) can severely restrict movement.
  • Back Injuries: Lumbar injuries, lower back, sciatica, and disc damage can all occur in an impact. These injuries can lead to a lifetime of pain.
  • Facial Injuries: Uber could be asked to provide assistance for the treatment of facial lacerations, broken facial bones, and damage to the teeth. A blow to the face can create the need for plastic surgery and cause a permanent disfigurement for the victim.
  • Airbag injuries: Airbags can protect you in a crash, but they can also be the cause of injuries. They can cause severe burns. Malfunctions can cause them to explode and send debris through the vehicle.

What are Injuries Worth in An Uber Accident?

Uber accidents caused by Uber drivers often result in a sort-of back-and-forth game between the Uber driver’s insurance and Uber’s third-party coverage. Generally, Uber forces victims to first try to get compensation for an injury from the driver’s personal car insurance policy. If that claim fails, Uber then allows you to file a claim against them, but even then Uber only wants to provide coverage in certain situations.

Despite how hard Uber can make it, having an experienced rideshare lawyer working to build a strong case can force Uber to accept liability and provide support to you.

The amount you receive can greatly depend on a couple of factors. The length of time you need medical care and rehabilitation will greatly affect how much money you receive. A serious injury can require weeks in the hospital and weeks of physical therapy. You may also need medical equipment and weekly check-ups for the rest of your life.

The support you receive is also determined by how much your injury affects your daily lifestyle. A disability stemming from a car accident can affect your job, your family life, and even keep you from participating in the hobbies you love. You and your family may need training to help you regain some independence around the house. The job you have worked for years may suddenly be impossible for you to perform. You could need career training for an entirely new career.

Contact a Rideshare Accident Attorney Serving California

If you were hurt in a crash caused by an Uber driver, find out what your best options are by talking to a local Rideshare Accident Lawyer. Your first consultation will be free and comes with absolutely no obligation to you.

The one thing victims should avoid is signing off on an insurance settlement that doesn’t cover everything they’ll need in recovery now and in the future. Reach out to a legal professional before taking a call from anyone representing Uber.

Your lawyer can shed light on your rights as a victim and make sure you get everything you’ll need to make a full recovery. Contact a California Uber Accident Lawyer right now.