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Rideshare Law Office wins support for California victims hurt in accidents involving Uber drivers. Victims may have been struck or were passengers in an Uber car when it was hit by another vehicle. Please contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation for all California injury victims. It’s a no-risk way to find out what your injury should be worth and how to hold Uber responsible.

Do I Need a Lawyer After an Uber Accident?

If you suffer only some minor bruising or only property damage in an accident involving Uber, you may be able to file a claim and earn fair treatment without a lawyer. But when your injuries are serious, like a bone fracture or brain trauma, it’s a good idea to go over your options with a California Uber accident lawyer.

When Uber sees medical expenses climbing higher, they rely on insurance adjusters and corporate lawyers to try to get them off the hook for their drivers’ mistakes. They’ll be looking to shift the blame for an accident to someone else and to downplay how serious your injury is.

A California rideshare accident lawyer fully investigates your accident and collects the evidence necessary to keep rideshare from escaping responsibility. Your lawyer also safeguards you from ending up with too little in support to pay all of your bills. Witness testimony and accident reconstruction data will be used to force Uber to provide the maximum in compensation available.

The Dangers That Come Standard with Each Uber Ride

Many California residents leave the driving and the expense of owning a car to Uber and its fleet of drivers. The travel option is extremely handy for tourists, commuters, and anyone else in need of a lift. It’s usually a great deal, but there are some drawbacks and most have to do with your safety on local boulevards.

According to a 2020 San Francisco Public Press report, from 2018 through August 2019 the city saw 47 traffic fatalities. Seven of those accidents involved ride-hailing vehicles. The news organization also says some accidents involving Uber are being covered up. What’s more, the SFPD found over a three-year period more than half of all traffic citations in the city were issued to ride-hailing employees.

Uber employees have been known to miss spotting a pedestrian, a cyclist, a motorcyclist, or even a big SUV in the next lane while looking at their Uber apps. This lack of focus, that’s almost a job requirement, can lead to devastating accidents.

Of course, some rideshare workers strive very hard to drive safely and keep others protected. Yet they can end up in collisions caused by reckless motorists. Uber should stand behind their employees when they get hurt, but sometimes their lawyers leap into action to leave patients without support.

Those who have been hit by Uber drivers, or hurt in a crash while riding in a rideshare vehicle, or Uber drivers injured in collisions should speak to a skilled Uber accident attorney before they give up on getting help after an accident.

Distracted Uber Drivers in California

Rideshare drivers are on constant alert for their next pickup and they monitor for ride requests using the Uber app. It means that when you are beside them on the freeway, they may be looking at a cellphone screen instead of watching where they are going.

If you’re in the backseat, the view might be terrifying as the driver scans the map or changes the radio station. They can also get into a hurry to keep customers happy and resort to speeding and dangerous maneuvers in the lanes.

Here are just a few of the distractions and temptations Uber drivers face during their shifts:

  • Deadheading” – Or Cruising, Uber workers can spend hours without getting a ride request, but some still don’t leave the streets. They are often encouraged to circle high-volume neighborhoods so they can be closer to potential customers. More time in your lane can mean more risk of an accident.
  • Working for Uber and Lyft – Many drive for two or more companies in the same shift. There are actually apps that cater to these ambitious workers and let them quickly switch back and forth between apps. This only adds to the distraction a phone can provide.
  • Pressure and stress – Uber drivers face pressure from many directions while driving. A passenger who is late may force them to speed to the next destination. A bad encounter with a rider may keep them from focusing on their driving. They may not be making enough money on a slow day, forcing them to work extra hours and miss out on breaks and sleep.
  • Drug or Alcohol abuse. There’s a zero-tolerance policy for drug and alcohol use at Uber. But, unfortunately, delivery drivers have faced DUI charges before. Any person working a delivery job is under stricter guidelines.
  • Distracting Customers – Riders may want to talk or may need information distracting the driver from the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Uber drivers carry accident insurance?

Uber drivers are required to have a personal auto insurance policy. In an accident involving Uber, your first claim will be against the driver’s insurance.

If this claim is denied, you then can file against Uber corporate, but Uber will only provide compensation in certain circumstances. Uber’s one million dollar liability insurance will be in effect if the accident happens while the driver has a passenger lined-up on the app or the passenger is in the car. In other phases of the driver’s shift, Uber may provide less or no coverage for an accident their employee caused. If nothing else works, you may be forced to file a claim against your own insurance policy under the uninsured motorist coverage.

How long do I have to file a claim against Uber?

2 Years. Victims in an accident in California generally have up to two years after an accident to file a claim for damages against at-fault drivers and the company they drive for. Despite the two-year deadline, it’s always best to file as soon as you’re ready. The sooner you do the easier time your attorney will have gathering evidence, rounding up witnesses, and securing documents for your case.

What kind of damages can I ask for in an Uber accident claim?

All of the hardships, physically, emotionally, and financially, you are forced to endure after an accident can be part of the demands in a civil lawsuit. Medical bills and any future physical therapy expected can all be compensated. The earnings lost while you’ve been away from a job can be part of an award. The emotional anguish you’ve had to cope with since the accident and the expense of psychological counseling can be included.

What if I don’t have the money to pay a rideshare lawyer?

You can still count on strong legal protection from Rideshare Law Office. We don’t get paid unless we win your case for your family. Then our attorney fee comes out of the compensation Uber is forced to provide.

Contact a California Uber Accident Attorney

After an accident involving a rideshare driver, a member of the Uber team may contact you for a statement. Speak to an attorney before giving a statement of any kind. Uber lawyers are likely fishing for you to make a comment that they can twist later to weaken your case against them.

If you or a loved one sustained a serious injury and the accident involved an Uber driver, contact us for a free and confidential consultation. Uber accidents can be complex cases and involve many different insurance companies. An attorney can help make sense of it all. Whether you were hit by an Uber driver, injured as a passenger, or injured as an Uber driver we can protect your rights and secure compensation for you.


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