Are Face Masks Required in California Uber Vehicles?

Are Face Masks Required in California Uber Vehicles? | California Rideshare Lawyer


In May of 2020, Uber unveiled a “No Mask, No Ride” policy to curb the spread of COVID-19. According to this new rule, drivers and passengers must wear a mask at all times—no exceptions. Any drivers who don’t comply with this new standard could potentially lose access to Uber’s platform.

Before drivers could open their Uber app, they must first pass a “face mask screening.” Using advanced scanning technology, Uber could verify whether a contractor has a face covering on. If the app doesn’t detect a face mask, the driver can’t open the app.

For extra security, Uber encourages riders to report any drivers that aren’t wearing a face covering. Once Uber receives word of a mask violation, they may ask the driver to send a picture wearing a mask. Repeat violators could lose their job.

Although Uber focuses on driver compliance, that doesn’t mean passengers get a free pass. Indeed, customers who don’t follow the “No Mask, No Ride” policy could also lose access to Uber’s app.

Drivers can report on passengers who refuse to wear a face covering during their ride. Uber also allows drivers to refuse service to customers who are not wearing a face mask.

While not mandatory, Uber encourages passengers to keep their windows open during their ride. Recent research suggests open windows could significantly reduce the risk of COVID-19. The ride-sharing giant also urges drivers to frequently wash their hands, wear disposable gloves, and sanitize their car.

For more information on Uber’s COVID-19 safety protocols, be sure to visit this website.