Uber Horror Stories

Uber Horror Stories | California Rideshare Lawyer

For those of us who have hit up a rideshare app to get a lift, we probably all have a happy story or two about a great travel experience. A time when an Uber driver when above and beyond the call of duty to make our ride a pleasant one. Or perhaps car trouble left us without any other way to get to an important appointment. Or maybe it was just being able to avoid a long walk to the store on a hot day.

Those stories stick with us, but there are rare occasions when Uber rides can veer off down weird or sometimes downright dangerous paths. Sometimes the experiences can be laughed at later, but other times there’s a lesson and a warning for Uber users wrapped up in the story.

These are just a few of the cases that can make you think twice about taking your eyes off your driver.

Uber Off-Roading

Sometimes it’s not the driving skills of an Uber employee that can scare you, it’s the route they choose that’s the problem.

Thought Catalog collected stories about bad Uber rides from Reddit. One respondent thought their driver made a mistake when he made a strange turn. He didn’t want to wait in traffic so he pulled onto the sidewalk. Pedestrians were forced to seek cover as the driver continued down the walkway. The passengers screamed at the driver to return to the road. The driver replied that he wasn’t on the sidewalk, he was on an “uber lane.”

Another Uber passenger watched as her trip took a strange turn. Her driver started traveling down railroad tracks. The driver did apologize afterward and said he was new in town.

Uber Felon at the Wheel

Sometimes you might request an Uber to avoid walking through a dangerous section of the city or to avoid the hazards of walking at night. But what if the danger is already in the car.

A scary incident with one Uber driver uncovered a serious criminal past. The Daily Beast reported on an UBERx driver charged with a misdemeanor battery count after telling a passenger to get out of his car and then assaulting the passenger when he tried to take a photo of the car. The rider was punched and elbowed in the chest.

An investigation revealed that the suspect had multiple drug-related felony convictions and what’s more, at the time of the assault he was on probation for a separate battery charge. Uber’s thorough background check on their hires apparently uncovered none of this.

Uber Destinations Not Found

The Uber App supposedly charts the best course for drivers looking for a destination. But sometimes Uber drivers seem to ignore that guidance.

One female passenger claimed she chartered an Uber for a short trip home after a party, but the trip somehow took hours. According to The Richest, she noticed the strange route they were taking and started to question her driver. He didn’t bother to explain. At 3 a.m. they finally wound up in a deserted parking lot. The driver locked the doors and refused to let her go until she started screaming and creating a ruckus. The driver finally took her home. The horrifying ride only earned the woman a partial refund and an apology over the driver’s “inefficient route.”

Another ride left two women fearing for their lives. After a night of clubbing the 20-year-old friends were ready to go home. The Cleaver documented their story. The women claim their Uber driver detoured their trip and then jacked up the price of the ride. One of the women canceled the ride only to make the driver mad.

The driver grabbed the arm of one of the passengers, shouted, and then left them at a deserted reservoir. They called another Uber ride to rescue them and alerted the police.

Hit-And-Run Uber Driver

Even with digital tracking and often easily identifiable cars, an Uber driver in an accident can apparently still choose to take off and leave their victims behind.

RuinMyWeek reported on one rider who watched his driver fall asleep and continue on to ram the rear-end of a car. According to the passenger he then tried to flee the scene. The driver then dropped off the passenger along the freeway in the Fruitvale section of Oakland, California. That Uber passenger says the company gave him a 500 dollar credit for his experience.

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