Worst Uber Accidents in History

Worst Uber Accidents in History | California Rideshare Lawyer

Trusting an Uber driver to take us to work, school, or maybe the grocery store seems like a simple transaction. You pay a small fee for your ride, maybe a tip, and you get dropped off.

But just like any trip on California roads, you are always vulnerable to careless, reckless drivers as you ride. That risk you take even applies to your rides with a big company like Uber. In fact, sometimes those reckless drivers are Uber employees.

A look at some of the most tragic accidents involving Uber vehicles and passengers can help remind us to demand safe driving whenever we ride with Uber or drive or walk alongside one of their cars.

Uber Driver Causes Fiery, Deadly Crash in Seattle

You don’t have to be in an Uber car to be put in serious jeopardy while onboard a rideshare vehicle. One extreme case of a careless Uber driver led to tragedy a few years back. Frightening video of the fiery aftermath in Seattle made headlines across the country.

Investigators say a 60-year-old Uber worker was driving a Nissan Xterra on Holman Road when it struck a Honda Accord. The Honda was sent into a tree and split in half. The 35-year-old man driving that car later died.

The Uber driver in the Nissan was not done though. The driver managed to travel two more blocks and narrowly missed a pedestrian outside a gas station before ramming the gas pumps. A fiery explosion left the driver and an Uber passenger scrambling to escape the blaze. Luckily, they got out without serious injury.

Uber Tragedy in Miami After a DUI Collision

Uber drivers, like any other motorist, can make errors in judgment or become distracted and miss a stop sign, a redlight or misjudge oncoming traffic. The difference is they’re responsible for more than just their own lives when they invite passengers into their vehicles.

A heartbreaking incident in Miami apparently happened because of the mistake of two drivers. CBS4-TV reported that an Uber driver in a GMC Yukon was transporting four passengers when he tried to make a left turn onto SW 144th Street. He pulled out in front of a Toyota Corolla. The Toyota Corolla driver suspected of driving under the influence struck the Yukon. The GMC rolled over and landed against a wall.

Both vehicles caught fire and one victim in the Yukon was pinned inside. That 20-year-old man tragically lost his life. The drivers and the other Uber passengers managed to escape without serious injury.

Uber Driver Hit by DUI Driver in Los Angeles

Sometimes while doing their part to keep drunk drivers off the roads, Uber drivers and passengers can become the target of other motorists who are driving while impaired.

In 2017 in Hollywood, several people were left with injuries after a suspected DUI driver ran through a stop sign and crashed into an Uber vehicle. The driver’s Mercedes SUV broadsided the Toyota Prius driven by an Uber driver transporting four passengers. The DUI suspect’s SUV then went airborne and came to rest inside a sports store.

ABC7-TV reported from the accident scene on Melrose Avenue early on New Year’s Day. Six people in all went to the hospital with injuries, three reportedly had critical injuries. Good samaritans helped the Uber passengers and driver out of the smashed Prius. One of the good Samaritans had to restrain the suspected DUI driver so that he couldn’t run away.

Help for Uber Accident Victims in California

These scary cases show just how serious the consequences can be when rideshare drivers and other motorists don’t make safe choices from behind the wheel. Passengers can be placed in harm’s way and end up badly injured and even lose their lives. These accidents can lead to extreme medical costs for victims and their families. That doesn’t even begin to cover the emotional toll a rideshare collision can inflict on those hurt and the families left to deal with the loss of a loved one.

At this point, victims and their families can be wondering where to turn for help in getting justice and financial assistance after a terrible accident. Will an Uber driver’s personal insurance policy provide coverage for victims. Or can Uber be forced to accept liability over the mistake of their employee? The answer can vary greatly from case to case.

If you or a loved one was the victim of an accident involving Uber, or you were driving for Uber when an accident occurred, contact us for a free and confidential consultation. A rideshare accident attorney will listen to you and help you determine the best path for you and your family to secure compensation for your hardships.