E-Scooting, Cali Style – California’s Electric Scooter Laws for 2021

Author: Rideshare Law Office

Uber Horror Stories

For those of us who have hit up a rideshare app to get a lift, we probably all have a happy story or two about

Worst Uber Accidents in History

Trusting an Uber driver to take us to work, school, or maybe the grocery store seems like a simple transaction. You pay a small fee

Uber and Lyft COVID-19 Cleaning Policies

Can You Rideshare Without “Sharing” Germs?   COVID-19 certainly hit the “brakes” on the rideshare revolution. Although the pandemic’s impact can’t be overstated, that doesn’t

Using Lyft Bikes in Santa Monica

The options for getting a Lyft in Santa Monica has hit a new gear. Lyft’s rideshare cars and scooters will now be sharing city streets

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